Friday, November 28, 2008

Bling² Project Part 2

To update on my so called "Year-end-self-rewarding-project"..The Bling² Project. I done some study on the design that i like. I have started on the first part of the project. I went to Midvalley few days ago with the MGs and my sister, Nurin. She stay at my house until last Wednesday. We had a dinner at the Chili's. After the dinner, we walk around and i found this one small kiosk selling stickers, they sell rhinestone sticker for phone too. I bought some with the price RM13.90 each. Then i can't wait to start blings the crystal casing i bought few days before that.

I made a mistake, i thought that i have take the measurement etc. As i almost complete sticking the sticker on the case, i soon realize that i had a problem at the edges area. Will post some picture here later on. I left my Cybershot at the office. It looks nice but not yet 100% completed.

Along the way of trying to find solution for the first bling attempt, i realized that to DIY the bling² it takes some patience.. urmm not some but LOTS of patience. Why? Here's my findings:

1. To arrange those 2-3mm stone, one by one is not that easy. Naik terbuntang bijik mate! Alangkan nk tampal yg sticker type pon jenuh mengukur, bukan boleh main tepek jer ahahaha! FYI, I haven't yet start on the "one-by-one" part since the supplier for swarovski stone said that the new stock will be coming this Dec. But sure it's like working with pixels.

2. Plan..plan plan.. I measured the size of my leather case, which i choose to bling my pouch instead of stick those blings on my phone... but i took me almost 5000 pcs of 2mm stone to blings whole case, then i try to find alternative. If i were to bling the crystal case, (which also a good solution) i need approx 2500pcs which i think less stone means less budget and less sakit mata. But another problem come... As for the leather case option the surface that i need to bling just a flat square area compared to crystal case... i'll be challenge by the round edges and shapes. So.. How? Think , think ..and think...

3. I come out with 2-3 design for this blings project..i do it in Illustrator. Once i have the designs ready, i'll arrange the 2mm/3mm circle on the design.. so that i can estimate total stones i need. I know i sounds crazy for doing this.. but when i do it .. i want to do it right and i'm a newbie bling DIY ok!

So based on my findings... opps.. i heard car honking hubby is here. See ya.. i'll continue soon! Have a great weekend!

*Sambungan dari rumah:

So based on my findings, i need to carefully plan and byk bersabo. Those who yg. would like to try the sticker type, I found a blogshop that sell stickers, all sorts of stickers including rhinestones sticker. It's not a swarovski crystal but looks like swarovski and bling less than swarovski. You can visit The Sticker Monster Blogshop and see her sticker collections. Price also not that expensive compared to those sell rhinestone sticker in forum and the one i bought at Midvalley. She sell only RM8 persticker. I have ordered some from the seller (based in Kedah) will show the outcomes here soon too!

MG listed in

I send MG link to to add our store in their listing and not more than 20min, i got and email reply, our links approved and appear in their web! What's Shoppy?. If you are an online shopaholic, this is one of the site you must add to your bookmark! It's a one stop directory for online shop, blogshop that exist in Malaysia. The listing are divided into categories. You can see MG Store in Shoppy here. You also can add preview on all site listed in Shoppy. Now..knock youself out with over hundreds online store and blogshop own by Malaysians!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I attended PMP (Project Management Professional) training on last 17-18 Nov with few of office colleagues and my bos. I'm not going to talk more on the PMP but what i'm about to do is to apply few things i learned last two days ahaha! As define by the a short sentence..
"Project must have start and end and must produce a unique outcome"
Therefore, I plan to create a year end self-reward project. Hehehe! I want to PIMP my new N82 looks! Btw, my old Nokia 5610 gone kaput last week (sad story better not to tell). Since N82 kinda have that masculine look, I'm thinking to bling the phone with Swarovski stones. I've seen lots of samples on few website and i cant wait to do make over for my N82. So this project gonna be my "project-of-the-year!".

If you're interested to do the same thing, you can buy Swarovski from few forumer at Loywat.Net like Artsy, LittleDiana just to name a few seller. I'm not yet buy from them but plan to buy, once i finalized my design and budget how many stones i need to cover my phone. Here's some samples over thousands pictures that i found.

*I know i kinda sounds crazy about this thing but i can't help it!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tun Dr. M and M

Heheh... nak show off skit pic ngn Tun Dr. M. This picture was taken during MMU Open House last month. I met him few times but this time, I managed to take photo with him.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hainey crowned as Mama on 11/11/08!

I was on mc yesterday aka my the day of birthday. It's due to the upset stomach :(.
But it was good to get off day on your birthday anyway ahha!
I received a sms from my old friend Hainey's the text:

"Alhamdulillah..safely delivered a baby girl at 5.05pm today 11/11@ room 222 Damansara Specialist Hospital"

Congrats dear, you're a mother now! Welcome to the club!
Those who want to pay a visit, her room no is 222 at Damansara Specialist Hospital.

*Excited her baby hv same birthday with me. Sure auntie will pay you a visit this weekend ok girl!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Puasa Mc. D sebulan...boleh ker?

Birthday Min ke birthday mama ni? Hahaha! Mama syok sendiri.
Smlm my hubby ckp nk puasa Mc. D sebulan.
Kita tgk boleh tak kitaorg tak pi Mc. D sebulan.

15 Weird / Least Known Fact About Me!

I was tagged by Farah on this thing. This is her list by the way hahaahah!
  1. Since i have Yasmin & my little biz, most of baju keje + baju jenjln me and my hubby i suh dobi gosok. Pemalas. (Bukan apa...i outsource :) )
  2. I tak lipat baju.. semua baju i gantung. Yg kecik2 tu i put in drawers by category. Senangkan?? Wat ape penat2 lipat baju? Hang jer! Masih pemalas.
  3. I dah lame tak masak nasik kat rumah. Umm rasanya bubuk pon dah kenyang makan beras. Masih lagi pemalas.
  4. I hanya akan masak bila i ade mood. Most of the time we all tapau. Masih lagi pemalas.
  5. I tak kemas katil pagi... my hubby did.
  6. I suka giler shop baju Yasmin, online or offline shop. Big portion of my salary use to buy her clothes. Shopaholic!
  7. I gile kasut... i have 2 pairs of shoes that i bought last year... masih dlm kotak dan belum di pakai. Humm now i wonder why i bought those? Takpa nanti kite jual kat online store ahaha! Masih shopaholic!
  8. I suka kemas rumah sambil membebel dan membebel sambil kemas rumah atau membebel sambil tak buat apa²... dan terus membebel. I enjoy it! Haha!
  9. Gula kat rumah dah setahun tak bertambah. A'ah baru perasa kitaorg tak pakai gula sgt. Menyahut seruan kementerian kesihatan, kurangkan gula dalam makanan.
  10. I'm the one who change everyones toothbrush every 2 months.
  11. I sanggup stay up late or tak tido semata² pasal my online shop.
  12. Bende pertama yg i akan pack setiap kali nk travel is toiletries and iron (kalau tempat yg nk pi tu tade iron)
  13. I tak suka pi camping. Apsal? Ntah, tatau apsal.. picnic suke la.
  14. Owh.. i have a buffer room. Haha! Buffer room is a transit room for baju² n item² sebelum diorg di sort the tempat asal masing² ahah! Tutup je pintu..see rumah i kemas mcm ade maid. hahaha!
  15. Lastly... i hate to know the fact that i hate someone and it put a big black dot in my heart. Does that make me a bad? Hem..judging.

Min's Tinker Bell Fairy Birthday Party aka my childhood dream lol!

Yesterday we had Min's belated birthday party at Mc. Donald Equine Park. We are very sorry min lambat sampai ke tempat kejadian sbb die baru bgn tido.. so nk pujuk die pakai baju Tinker Bell bersayap tu kene amik mase gk ahha!

Dalam kekalutan menyiapkan si kecik tu, boleh terlupa bawak camera sendiri. Kalau tak boleh la amik 2-3 snap utk tatapan sendiri sementara menunggu pics from Boss aka Hafiz from Wowphoto. Hafiz is one of our good friend who now working full time as photographer.

Thanks a lot :-
  • To our sporting guests who came in pink or green to support theme!
  • Kepada yg. korban kelas heheh! Kehadiranmu bermakna bagiku, hahahah!
  • For all the gifts from aunts and uncles. Sure min's will knock herself out to play with those toys & books.
  • To Mama (MIL) for the colourful Kek Lapis Sarawak. Those yang nak tempah boleh contact i yer heheh!
  • To Kak Ena from PopCake@MamaEna for your touch on the cute-lovely cupcakes.
  • To the ultimate golden hand of the year, Kak Jun from the Cupcakekasih for your creative & gifted touch on the 4kg georgous fairy princess cake. It really makes my jaw drops on the floor.
  • To Farah for the cutter... you're my rescuer of the day!
  • To Abg. Long for the pictures above! The only colleague who bring his cam on that day.
  • Last but not least to my dear hubby who helps a lot in all areas! Who wears whatever i ask him to wear... he wear pink on that day hahaah! If i manage to get Peter Pan costume I wonder will he wear that? Hahah! Love you dear!
*I'll update the picture from Boss once i got it from him! I can't wait to see those pics!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Be the first 111!

Let's be the first 111 and grab our 11% OFF offer!
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Featured in Malaysian Super Mummy Unites

I was featured in the Malaysian Supper Mummy Unites last Friday
I received an invitation email from the blog owner Mrs. Intan few days before offering me to be featured in her blog... without doubt I accept her invitation.
You may read the full version here.

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Sunday, November 02, 2008

MG Online Store succesfully installed!

Yes it is! Finally Moleygarden Online Store was succesfully installed. Everything is done by the Metsuku Studio, arigato gozaimas Azhar san!
Actual completion date was 1 Nov 2008 12am and fyi, at that time i and another two MGs struggling heading to Penang in our little fish. Iszad had to take his TOEFL exam at Penang centre since both TOEFL centre in KL is full still Dec. 08. We arrived at Dorsett around 3.15am. I managed to go online after 15 min check in with the price of RM15/hours. Till today i still wonder why hotel charge the service so high, overated! However since i can't wait to see my MG website... tutup mata and pay sajalah. not forgot to mention i went online just 10 min, I saw my homepage then Yasmin kacau mcm biasa, have to go to bed with her ler. Burn la another 50mins tu. Once again..tutup mata and i can sleep soundly with peace of mind because my online shop is ready to work!!!

Owh.. before i forgot, below is short announcement and 1st promotion from our online store!

Dear our value customer,

Moleygarden will be under maintainance from 1-10 November 2008.
Our operation will temporarily shut down to give us some space to do a total face lift to this website.
This is one of our initiative to serve our customer better.
Our e-commerce site will be launch on 11 November 2008
You may start to register to our website and place your order on 11 November 2008
We have great offer to give! Bookmark us today!
  • First 11 person who register with us will get 11% discount on all items + Free shipping
  • First 111 person who register with us will get 11% discount on all items
*Apply to 1st purchase ONLY.
We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Best Regards,
Melor Rahman
The Founder of

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