Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Pre-order Hotmama Pouch!

Alu peeps! A little bit update from MG! Now we're offering pre-order for Hotmama Pouch with RM20 deposit. Pouch will be sewn on weekend and we will deliver your pouch on Tuesday. To know more click here!

Fabric Type: Cotton Jacquard.
Click on the image for larger view.

*Ade moms yg. nak beli kain ni for your personal sewing project do let me know ok!
RM13/m only! Lovely prints kan?!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Homeschool chatter with Mamafiza

Sibuk. Kenapa wujud perkataan tu dlm kamus. I hate that word. Haha! Dalam kesibukan pindah rumah on 1st May (Friday) last two weeks, sempat jugak lari sekejap on Sunday 3rd May 2009 to meet a person i adore so much when it comes to parenting and homeschooling - Mamafiza. Before this just baca her entry in her blog & forum. It was only 6 of us during the chatting session. Me, Mamafiza, Ms. Yus, Ms. Huda, Ms. Farah and thousand million apologize to another sis, i forgot her name. She share lot's of story too. It was a wonderful 2 hours sharing session with other moms about early childhood education and parenting. Dapat bertanya pendapat, share stories and experience. Jadi ibu zaman sekarang mmg byk perkara kene ambil tahu, kene byk membaca dan cari ilmu parenting. Nak tegur anak ada cara, nak marah ada caranya. Apa kita buat anak tgk... dan?... ikut. So depan anak kenelah bertapis mulut dan perbuatannyer heheheh! Peringatan untuk diri sendiri and all my readers. Jgn berkecil hati ya... kita manusia dan tidak sempurna.

So i've been starting the reading session with Yasmin as suggested by Mamafiza. Actually Yasmin mmg suka buku. Sometimes I'm the one who seems to neglected her interest, so chatter moment with Mamafiza is like a wake up call for me. So far progress Yasmin alhamdulillah and my hubby pon take part when I'm not "available" for the reading session. Last weekend my hubby dah pasang rak buku si Yasmin. Thanks Papa. Bukan main seronok bile die tengok all the books in place. Of course lah bersepah. Semua books nak bace n nak kemas lepas tu kene cakap elok2 baru die susun balik. Hope lepas ni boleh buat report tu Mamafiza on the reading part. Daa..

Read more what we have discussed during the session at Ms. Huda's entry. Happy reading!

*Byk lagi barang belum unpack...T_T