Sunday, March 11, 2012

A long way..i'm back in Malaysia

It seems like yesterday when I closed my online shop selling kids apparels and telling my beloved customer that I'm leaving to US. Now I'm back in Malaysia. I'm gonna miss my time in Denver.

I'm gonna miss my most favorite place of all - JoAnn. I remember whenever i enter the store, they already knew me, a customer who come to harvest their cute flannels, fleeces and cottons :) Ahh...those days when i'm busy clipping coupons to use at JoAnn. I miss the seasons in Denver.

It's been almost 3 months I back. It took me 2 months to clear the piling boxes in our living room that we shipped through vessel and I;m still struggling to find the best way to store tons of my cottons, minkies, cotton velour, PUL that I used to make my custom cloth diapers. Some of them did manage get onto the shelf but some still hiding somewhere in 12 boxes in my sewing room.I'll do another entry about this.

All in all.. it's good to be back and catching with family and friends. Owhh i forgot to mention that I'm a proud working at home mom :)..yup a WAHM in Malaysia.