Friday, June 18, 2010

My Brother SE 400 is here!

Ok.. first of all i knew this entry may look like I'm showing off but NO! I'm too excited. So pls..pls..pls..let me be Hahahah!

After 2 months keeping myself busy with the my blacky asus lappy and doing nothing related to sewing makes me sick! Finally I make my decision on which machine to buy after all the hunting process. This morning Mr. UPS came and my hubby open the door then he shouted "Yang...tgk ni..mesin sampai" . I was in the kitchen! Jumping for joy! Hahah! Not too high but enough to make the baby kicking. I didn't expected that the machine would arrive this soon, i thought it must be one of the parcel for my customers.I bought it on

Hem..mane nak letak? Meja menjahit pon blom ade. 

Unpacked and checking all the items are as listed.

SE 400 is a computerized sewing machine. It can be use to sew, quilt and simple2 embroidery. I already have mechanical sewing machine back at Malaysia ..the Janome 2049. So it's time to have some upgrade on the functionality side. Evetho I wish I can afford to buy Bernina or Husqvarna (beso impian tuh!) but... I very happy i settled down with this one. I did some simple stitching just now and so far it impressed me. Wait till I do something more than that a see how she works :D.  Adios!

*coming soon is her siblings serger 1034D.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Patty Young 3R Contest!

 Reuse. Reduce. Recycle contest by Patty Young

Wehehe! I'm trying my luck at Patty Young blog. She's giving away 4 bags of her awesome scraps from Andalucia, Mezzanine, Flora & Fauna and Playdate. Four winner will be announce this weekend. Owhh..alangkah bahagia kalo dapat satu....berangan dulu.

*byk angan2 nih, bile la mesin jahit ngn serge nak sampai.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Compiling my to sew project list :P

Have you pay a visit to my shop recently? I have added a pliers for plastic snap from that I bought last week. Item arrived quit fast from the seller even tho i order the backordered package. I planned to convert by bumGenius 3.0 Aplix to snap buttons soon. I found a very easy step by step done by one of forumer at Will share my own experience on the process soon.

 My new toys wehee! Haven't tried it yet

Lepas ni boleh la jahit CD sendiri pulak since tools dah ade. Yes! I'm cding my soon-to-be-born-baby heheh!

 Menanti utk di upgrade...

Other than this project, I have few other things in my head, while counting days for my new baby Brother sewing machine to be delivered to my home.
  • Convert all 6 bumGenius to snap button
  • Jahit barut for baby. (aci tak reuse balik Aplix pada bumGenius for this project? Heheh we'll see)
  • Potong kaki seluar of few pants that I bought at Ross Pjg sgt dho.
  • Jahit 2 baby pouch.
  • Jahit baju kurung raya for Mimin (kain pon belom beli lagi haha) 
  • Make a receiving blanket for baby
  • One blanket spare blanket. (Papa nk pilih kain kat Joann)
  • DIY another 6 cloth diapers... (beli je kalo tak sempat haha!)
Ok that is it for now. Byk2 nanti ambitious sgt plak kan?  Owh feel free to cuci mate pic my visit to Joann last Sunday after my childbirth class at MMC.

 Click here to see more pictures at my Facebook Album.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Designer fabrics, Cloth Diapers Sewing Material added to my shop!

Hi everyone! 

I have added lots of designer fabrics in my shop for you to choose and if you can't find a prints that you like to may visit manufacturer links that I've added on the side of my shop. There are tons of other pattern and prints in those website. All you have to do is send me the links that have pictures or information of your favorite fabric to my email - mamamelor (at) gmail (dot) com and i will quote you the price.

I also have added quite few notion supply for cloth diaper and baby project in my shop such as minkee fabrics, flannel, fleece and knit fabric. They comes in very nice colors and cute prints too! Pay a visit to my blogshop see more! I will be adding more item from time to time.

Follow my blog shop so that you wont miss my latest update and sometimes sales or batches order ok!

Btw, I miss sewing so much. After 2 months in US i haven't make a decision on which sewing machine should i buy. I knew before this I wrote an entry to get Brother but after chatting with few other sifu sewers, reading reviews I finally went blank...i knew for sure that I want to buy a machine that;s better than my Janome that left at home huhu..(miss her much!). So let;s see in few days I may have make my decision because I just can't stand looking at all the fabrics i sell in my shop and all the cloth diaper materials that I've ordered from other online shop! I just can't sew because I don't have a sewing machine! Urggg!

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Cloth Diaper Hunting and The Truth Reveals...jeng jeng jeng...!

I believe many moms out there know what is cloth diaper but not many know the benefit to use cloth diaper other than saving the earth. Some even argue about the fact that cloth diaper save lots of money that you usually spend on disposable diaper every month for your kids. Even me and my husband have doubt about the cost saving part, until we do some research, read few articles and do our own calculation! It's a human nature that's hard to believe in something that's too good to be true. Cloth diapers is one of the thing that's too good to be true and yes it's truly save a lot of money. We totally on disposable during Yasmin so we knew the different.

It took me 2 weeks to get to know what is cloth diapers, how it works, how it can save our money and save the earth (i know the money part comes first then the earth, no judging ok! haha), get to know that there are so many types CDs out there, get to know the meaning of the terms and short forms they use is CDs world, reading tons of review from other CDs parents about different type and brands available in the US market. I do asked few friend who already started CDing their kids.

I found a very useful website that teach me a lot about cloth diapers from A to Z. Here are a list of very informative site that I read over again and again in order to educate my other half about cloth diapers and convince him that by doing this, you can save this such of amount up until the baby is at this age. Man, the numbers that all matter to them plus now I'm not working and we really have to watch out on our budget.

A Beginner's Guide to Frugal Cloth Diapering
Jacqueline wrote a very simple to follow step before you decide on CDing. I know her article is based on US scenario but most of other points can be applied to moms in Malaysia. In Malaysia, we don't have trial and return package, diaper services but still you need to know which type of CD that suit you best before you decide to buy and save every penny before you end up bought something that's not what you're expected. You'll keep on buying because everyone says it's cost saving and CD is a long term investment. Yes it's cost saving and a very great long term investment if ONLY you do it the right and smart way! So read it before you buy any CDs that caught your eyes because they comes in cute color and prints. She also have further readings on other issue of CDing that you may want to read.

The Cost of Cloth Diapers
This website layout a calculation of costing for each type of CD from newborn to 30 months includes the costing for disposable diaper. Again, the price may not reflect pricing of cloth diaper and disposable in Malaysia which I am very aware that the imported US brand CD in Malaysia is expensive, around RM60- RM140 each! But you need to do your study, decide which type of cd you prefer, hunt for the seller that can give you a good deal or you can look for cd that is produce by WAHM. From there you can make your own calculation. So be smart!
This site have so many information, product reviews and rankings of baby items. You can read the review for each brand (US brand of course) to know it's pros and cons. It's good to know about that others says who have used the product before.I believe I've seen lots of Malaysia online store have US brand CD in their store.

I may link you to only 3 websites and within them I believe they includes other useful links for you to browse. Yesterday, I finally make our first CD purchase at It's part of the preparation for our soon-to-be-born baby this August, InsyaAllah. We decided to start with bumGenius 3.0 One Size (OS) Pocket Diaper. Why? Here's our reason:
  1. It has snap buttons for sizes that allow us to use the CD from NB to toddler. So that we don't have to buy another size once the baby grows.
  2. We get the buy 5, free 1 deal at $86.90. And it cost us $14.50 each approx RM50 each. Pretty nice deal for us. Considering we need 24 CDs for the whole cycle from NB to toddler according to the calculation in for pocket diaper. It's just that we don't have to buy another bulk when the baby grows, remember this CD can be re-size up to toddler.
    • It comes with 2 reusable insert for NB and toddler which save us a lot of cost with insert. 24 x 2 = 48 inserts in total. The NB insert still can be use as doubler once the baby grows.
      • We didn't need to buy the diaper cover  because the outer layer is waterproof.   
      • We plan to use disposable liner with this CD so that it's easier to get the poo-poo before we do the laundry. Since laundry is mostly handled by my husband, hope this method will give him/us a peace of mind.
      • It works almost the same as disposable, so it's easy for me, hubby or soon-babysitter once we return to Malaysia when the baby is almost 6-7 months old next year. Yeap we will back next year insyaAllah. :).
      • It get a lot of good reviews from who already used it and yes i admit there are flaw here and there but we willing to take a shot hehe! 
      Ok here comes the costing part:

      Cloth Diaper + Insert:
      • RM50 x 24 set (termasuk 48 insert) = RM1200 one time pay cost. 
      Disposable liner:
      • 200 sheets = $12 approx RM40.80, RM0.20/sheets
      • 7 sheets/day x RM0.20sen = RM1.40/day (we take average usage perday)
      • 365 days x RM1.40 = RM511.00/year
      • RM511 x 3 years = RM1533.00
      Total CD system = RM1200 + RM1533= RM2733 can u imagine if i'm just using CD without the liners?
      Only RM1200
      If I were to use disposal diapers (let's consider we're not using MamyPoko or Pull Up pants that cost almost RM1.20++ each diaper..kite kire kalo pakai Pet Pet la economical skit kan..?)
      • 7pc/day x RM0.60/pc = RM4.20/day (we take average usage perday)
      • 365 days x RM4.20 = RM1533
      Total Disposable diapers = 3 years x RM1533 = RM4599 haa amcam boleh beli satu iPad tak? hahahah!
        So berapa boleh save kalo pakai CD?

        RM4599-RM2733 = RM1899 (I still save almost 2k even I use disposable liners for a peace of mind when if comes to poo-poo and laundry)

        So I've layout my costing, what do you think? I can't imagine how much I used to spend on disposable during Yasmin term. Some ppl might say.."Jgn berkire sgt dengan anak..." I agreed but I applied that sentence when it comes to makan and her education jer. Cuba pk RM1899 tu boleh guna untuk anak nyer college fund ker, hantar anak pi better playskool ker... buy books, savings. I make my choice. 

        We start with 6 CD first and see how it goes from there. A video from one of CD father at youtube may give you some ideas how BG 3.0 works. I will get back to give my review on this diaper once we have our hands-on with our soon-to-be-born baby ok!

        *I'm not promoting the product ok. Just sharing some information with my readers!