Friday, June 18, 2010

My Brother SE 400 is here!

Ok.. first of all i knew this entry may look like I'm showing off but NO! I'm too excited. So pls..pls..pls..let me be Hahahah!

After 2 months keeping myself busy with the my blacky asus lappy and doing nothing related to sewing makes me sick! Finally I make my decision on which machine to buy after all the hunting process. This morning Mr. UPS came and my hubby open the door then he shouted "Yang...tgk ni..mesin sampai" . I was in the kitchen! Jumping for joy! Hahah! Not too high but enough to make the baby kicking. I didn't expected that the machine would arrive this soon, i thought it must be one of the parcel for my customers.I bought it on

Hem..mane nak letak? Meja menjahit pon blom ade. 

Unpacked and checking all the items are as listed.

SE 400 is a computerized sewing machine. It can be use to sew, quilt and simple2 embroidery. I already have mechanical sewing machine back at Malaysia ..the Janome 2049. So it's time to have some upgrade on the functionality side. Evetho I wish I can afford to buy Bernina or Husqvarna (beso impian tuh!) but... I very happy i settled down with this one. I did some simple stitching just now and so far it impressed me. Wait till I do something more than that a see how she works :D.  Adios!

*coming soon is her siblings serger 1034D.


fieza said...

wahhh...excited! fiza pun excited..cant wait to see what next you can sew with this machine...

p/s:melor, im also using brother serger..mine 3034D

Melor Rahman said...

:D tq! pelan2 nyer kene pi carik meje dulu weekend nih. skang mesin duduk atas meje makan. :))

jintanmanis said...

cepat cepat aku nak tengok hasil kerja ngn machine nihh

fathinz md nor said...

yeah suke suke. nanti leh order baju jannah pulak ;p
cloth diaper emboidery nama anak aci tak?

Melor Rahman said...

hahaha boleh aje.

MamaDaniel said...

kak.. ok ke sewing machine tu? saya pun tgh survey2 nih.. yang ni dapat brape RM kak? argh.. i'm so blur.. Singer ok tak? macam mahal kan?
entah la.... huhu...

Melor Rahman said...


For me SE 400 ni just right for me. b4 this dh pernah ada mesin mekanikal Janome 2049 so this time nk upgrade beli computerized plak n some sulam2 function. tgk pada kegunaan u jugak. kalo suka quilting carik la mesin yg sesuai, ade extended table, yg mmg ade quitling foot etc lah. mcm I tak quilting sgt so i pick this one but still boleh la kalo nk quilting cume kene beli tapak.

This one i beli kat sini kalo dh convert around RM1300, kat Malaysia tak tau lak berapa harga die. Apa2 pon tgk bajet pastu tgk features mesin sesuai tak apa yg kite selalu jahit. I believe you love quilting rite heheh! Gluk dlm pencarian mesin baru!

m|sa said...

dah lenjan mesin baru? amacam..? ok ke..? hehe..

Melor Rahman said...

belom lagi baru gear 1. tunggu kain sampai.

Eldorado said...

Hi Kaka,

Saya mahu tanya tentang Brother SE 400.
Apakah dengan mesin itu Kita bisa membuat design bordir ciptaan sendiri?

Saya ingin beli mesin macam tu tapi ingin mesin yg bisa dipakai membuat design gambar sendiri. Tolong informasinya ya.
Terima kasih sebanyaknya.

Salam dari Jakarta.
Ade Rafiansyah

Melor Rahman said...

Hi El,

This machine allow you to add border and it also depends on your pattern library. The patterns that come with the machine is quite limited and you might want to consider purchase a pattern and transfer to the machine thru usb cable or memory card. Hope this help :)