Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Feast for the eyes!

Will be busy the whole week sampai weekend ngn keje opis huhu! Tapi ngulor jap nk upload pics kasi u all cuci mate! My ribbons arrived from Hong Kong today! Another Ebay shopping spree heheh.. i buy from Vivien. Very nice and helpful seller.

From Ribbons!
Jgn jeles yer :p! 3 sizes - 3/8, 5/8 and 7/8. Each sizes have 35 colors and each colors have 5 yards. Total yard..? Multiply lah sendiri yer hehehe.

From Ribbons!
All are for my bows project for this coming Hari Raya! Stay tune ok! Will upload sample design to my shop in another...2 weeks time. (busy bee!)

From Korker Bows
Done some bows last week for Yasmin.

From Korker Bows

From Korker Bows
Medium korker bows for Hari Raya everyone?
Looking for something to match the little princess baju kurung?
Heheh..! Korker bows will be perfect!

From Korker Bows

From Korker Bows
My not-so-little-anymore-princess - Yasmin Alia.

On 01.08.09 is 3rd Moleygarden anniversary. I'll be having a giveaway, in conjunction of 3 years of serving mothers who loves baby wearing. Rasa mcm baru je lagi jahitkan pouch utk my 1st customer. So what's the prizes? There'll be few items for the giveaway!
  1. 3 books - 1 Female (Pattern for ladies garment), 2 Japanese Bling² Art (Swarovski Hot Fix)
  2. 2 pairs mini korker bows attach to French clip. (see the ribbon above? pick 3 colors combination of your choice!)
  3. 1 crocheted flower with felt hair clip attach to barrette. (Check my entry before)
  4. 2 Moleygarden.com 15% discount cupon! (If items already on sale you will get additional 15% discount!)
Total of 8 prizes to be won. There'll be 8 winners. Will upload pics of prizes and the term and conditition to join this giveaways next week - 01.08.09 (Moleygarden.com birthday heheh!).
Giveaway win run for 8 days from 01.08.09 - 08.08.09. Ohh... i just love 8.

*My hubby birthday also on 1st Aug!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Photo at your blog sucks?

It seems that lots of people venture in online business lately. Apa yang tade jual online..macam-macam ada! Bagi online shopper tegar yang aktif membeli dan menjual online mcm penulis entry ni (hehehe..!) gambar produk memainkan peranan penting dalam membuat decision membeli brg dan ketika mengupload gambar brg utk dijual. To sell is to show what you sell. Ckp aje tak guna. Kalo ade kedai offline tayah de kite susah payah amik gambo, walk in customer boleh tgk sendiri, pegang dan cuba.

Tapi sebab berniaga secara online, store owner nak tak nak kene timba ilmu photography serba sedikit supaya outcome gambar produk yang kita nak jual tu terang, jelas, menarik dan memberikan gambaran kepada pelanggan rupa sebenar barang yg. dijual. Kalau gambar blur... shaking, too bright..too dark mcmana lah nk attract org. membeli. So if you feel pictures at your store sucks...or u need make over for your shop, watch this video and read those useful articles from The Storque, Etsy.

1. Photograph Your Work For Sale

Must watch video. Simple tips
- Use natural light to take pic.
- Take pic. from few different angle and choose the best.
- Be clear on the size of the item you sell..make it comparable something ppl. usually deal with like coins.
- Adjust the the white balance of your camera. How? Watch the video ok.
- Use the suitable & consistent background for your item.
- Be creative on how to display your item.
- Many moree...lah! Click on the play button, have some effort la people! :p
2. Forty's Foto Tips, #2: Make a light box! - sgt berguna pada yg menjual small scale items!

3. Shop Makeover Series: Photographing for Success - Why and how?

*Kekdg penulis tepek je gambor shaking n blur dlm blog ni. Tapi yg nak dijual mesti jelas dan terang. Yg tak jual takpe hahaha!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend projects

I supposedly finishing my DIY spools rack today (something like Megan have in her craft room) but something came out and it's out of my circle of influence. Huhu. The kedai kayu said they haven't yet cut the wood I ordered from them last week due to problem with their machine. They promise to complete it next Monday. So my spool rack project is on hold. Instead of mourning, I move to something colourful to cheer me up! Felts, buttons and ribbons of course!

From Hairclip Project
Buttons I bought from Yoonie (Studioshoppe) really makes me smile heheh! See the big green crochet flower? That's a measurement tape I bought from her too. ;). She really have a nice touch with that piece.

From Hairclip Project
Ok if I may ask... is it normal to have more than 3 scissors in our craft room? There're 4 in the pic and I have another 2 not in the pic. Hoho!
  1. Pink handle - To cut felts, interlining.
  2. Red handle - To cut papers.
  3. Blue Green handle - To cut thread etc.
  4. Medium Black handle - To cut ribbons.
  5. Zig Zag Scrissor - just for fun hihi (not in the pic)
  6. Large size Black handle - To cut fabrics (not in the pic)
For me it's normal eheh! 6 still acceptable. I exclude the rotary cutter and snipers that I have heheheh! Still normal lah kan.

From Hairclip Project
Aren't they gorgeous? I love crochet so much! But sadly my crochet basic is kaput already. Perhaps I might consider to polish up my crochet skill soon. These crocheted flowers I get from one of my best friend, nama die Ms. Ebay ehhehe. And some touch of cute button, of course buttons from Yoonie. Again I promote Yoonie.. ehhehe!

From Hairclip Project
Lawa kan...! Tade org nk puji takpe I puji sendiri heheh! The korker bows tu belum siap sepenuhnyer..masih berjarum lagi mase I took this pic. I akan buat lagi satu ..kembarnyer utk. digayakan ala2 piggy tail. Owh french clip will be attached to both later. Okies..da tghari, nak masak plak. Yes I do cooking too :P. Menu hari nih Spaghetti bolognaise meatball. Menu pemalas hehehe...tayah masak lauk byk2 kan? See you on Monday then!

*Nanti I share pic of my ribbon stash! Ptg ni nak jahit hotmama pouch plak. Pre-washed fabric is ready to be sewn.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Spinningspool Shoppe: It's The Spinningspool Shoppe Merdeka Giveaway!!

Spinningspool Shoppe: It's The Spinningspool Shoppe Merdeka Giveaway!!

Ohh me oh my! Visit Lynn's shop to get freebies she offered! Here's the giveaway items:

2 1/2 yards of Cranston Village Home Decor V.I.P print
100 % cotton

4 Quilter's Collectibles Patterns

1 Funky Hearts ribbon (2.7 metres)
1 Floral ribbon (2.7 metres)
3 vintage buttons
2 green flip-flop buttons

100% cotton
1 yard of Cherry Jubilee design
29 inch of white paisley design
1 yard of small red floral design

All items make me drolls Lynn! I really want one! Heheh! I wish I could!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Korker Bows!

What I've been up to lately? Oklah let me tell you some grandmother storylah... hihi. I've been doing some research and experiment on doing korker bows or some people call it squiggly. Frankly speaking I have lost more than 6 yards of my grosgrain ribbon stash just to get the the bows turn out nice from the oven! Consider burns and change color due to too high temperature. So have to adjust accordingly lah. 3-4 attempts jugak ler.

I also been searching the perfect dowels size to get what you have seen in the picture. I went to hardware store non selling dowel. Batang penyapu ade la. I went to art store..only found a tiny size of dowels that usually use by art student to do architecture-model etc. Finally, i went to a store that supply kitchen stuff for restaurant then I found a perfect size of stick for this project hehe. It's a medium size of chopsticks that ppl usually use to fry "chakoi" hehhe. But the most important thing is the size work for me.

This is gonna be the next my handmade product for MoleyGarden. So lucky I have my cute-curly-hair-angel: Yasmin to be the first wearing my 1st ever handmade korker bow.

See the bow's curls and her curls....awww!

Selambak atas kepala!Kan comel tu! Heheh!

I'm planning to make few sizes and the bows to hair clips, alligator clips or hair band. So any takers? Heheh. InsyaAllah end of this month I will upload this item to Moleygarden.com.

*owh been working on few felt hair clip too. Tunggu ya heheh!

Updated 16/7: I found 1/4" dowel at Art Friend at The Garden, MidValley last night. Yep people I know. You can call me crazy hehe!. I bought 2 packets of dowel. 1 packet have around 24 sticks I guess... not so sure. RM9.50 per packet. So happy! Happie! Yippie! Owh! Swiss dot grosgrain ribbon I ordered from ebay US arrived yesterday, packets of button I ordered from Yoonie also already safe in place from Yasmin, I secretly keep in my buttons box. Yep, she already show her interest in my sewing and craft stuff.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

New fabrics for Hotmama Pouch!

I've uploaded the new stocks of fabric for Hotmama Pouch in my shop. To order click here!

Let's sew something this weekend!

I found this lot of simple sewing projects from Living Creatively that is suitable for your weekend. Did you know that sewing can help you ease your stress? So let's have a nice weekend ahead altho' today baru Khamis heheheh!