Thursday, July 02, 2009

New fabrics for Hotmama Pouch!

I've uploaded the new stocks of fabric for Hotmama Pouch in my shop. To order click here!


Aida said...

melor...looking at your kain make me crazy....cantik

Alviana said...

those fabric are so yummy ! i wish i have a baby so i can order that pouch now hehe

Erin@1N3sew said...

mind sharing where do u buy those fabrics?

melorr said...


I bought from various shops. Usually i go to:

1. Ikea
2. Yee Button House - Tmn. Sea, SS2, PJ. (selling american cotton n quilt stuff)
3. Kamdar (go to 2-3 branhces hehehe!)
4. Nagoya (go to 2-3 branches too..!)
5. Nilai Square (10 min from my home)

Hope my list helps!

Haida Hussin said...

cantiknya kain2 tu..;-)
ada award for you.. meh amik kat rumah saya

melorr said...

Thanks Haida for the award! I da tepek kat tepi tu.