Monday, August 31, 2009

Dlm process make-up² harap maaf.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Clips and Bows For Hari Raya Sale!

Haaa.... lame jugak tak berentry. Salam ramadhan kepada semua harap tak terlewat. Okes, here I added pic. felt clips and korkers bows that i made for friends and some readers last few weeks. Those who would like to order for Hari Raya can do so by email me at mamamelor (at) gmail (dot) com. Prices range are from RM7-RM20. I'll be adding this items to online shop this weekend. All clips and bows in this page are strictly handmade by me. . Feast for the eyes!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Gift Exchange by My Mama Made It

Join the Gift Exchange at My Mama Made It

Hip hip horrreeyyy! Ok this is the first time i join gift swap! Organized by Alexis, My Mama Made It. She split the exhange into two for those within US and another is open to International, for those who are willing to sent their package to international address. If you happened to click on the link...iyyup, I did... post the sort of dumb ques haha! But nvm. This is how it works (baru je paham lepas Alexis explain ahaha)... the person who commented before you, will send you a package and you will be sending a package to the person who commented after your comment.

Haaaaa...(faham?) and I join the International Gift Exchange. This is the best part for me ..the person who will be sending me a package is Charlottes, who write her blog in Limburgs languange, from Netherlands i guess? .. and I'll be sending my package to BJ Mama from US. Naaa.. here's the tricky part.. I never know what will i get and what i send is a surprise package to BJ Mama!

Then... what's inside the package?

Here's what we're going to do. Put together a package of whatever you want in it. Make sure that its usable things that you think someone else would enjoy, something YOU would want to get. (Obviously, pertaining to sewing.)
Edited: In regards to size, make sure it is at least an 8.5x11 size envelope(the actual size, not business envelopes)

Sounds interesting rite? kan? best kan? (Syok sendiri ahhaa..!)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Entry busan

Ok..jgn pelik. Melor tgh testing berapa lama server amik masa utk catch feed utk new entry lam blog nih.

Quickie: Yummy korkers to match baju raya!

Busy with my korker ribbons + felt + crochet + #w&or%k(*#^! . Will upload korkers for sale to MG within this week. Watch out for korkers to match baju raya your princess! Here's some sneak preview!

Will be attach to french clip by default. If you preferred to attach to barratte or aligator clip or hair band ..or head band no problem as long as I have the material in stok hihi!

*Update: Harga korkers akan diumumkan nanti yer.



Giveaway Winners Week 2!

Hait hait! Sorry I'm late. Ok here are the winner for this week! I believe everyone will get something from this give away ahah! Perhaps, I foresee there'll be left over on the giveaway items!

From Giveaway

Congrats to Asmieyra and Azie! Send me your address ok!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Giveaway Winners Week 1!

Okie's time to draw the winners for Week 1 of August Giveaway! I use to do the work. Congratulation to Aliff Aqill and Soo Mei! Your name will be taken out from the list since both of you already won something :D this is to be fair to others who join this giveaway ok!

From Giveaway

Female mag for Aliff Aqill and Deco Venus Volume 2 for Soo Mei! Ok 2 down...6 items to go! Winners email me your shipping add at mamamelor (at) yah!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009


Ok! Akhirnya merdeka dari beban conduct training storyboarding dari minggu lepas utk UTHM dan 3 org professor from King Saud University. Mmg tak sempat langsung nk pegang brg2 menjahit. Smlm je angkut Janome ke opis..tu pon sbb nak guna sbgai prop. shooting video utk prototype content. So mlm ni Melor nak abiskan hutang Hotmama Pouch yg. customer order dari minggu lepas tak sempat nak dijahit.

Melor minta maaf pada semua yg. order atas kelewatan ni dan pada yg email mereka belom dibalas, melor akan reply secepat mungkin. Esok hari mengepos order². Pada yg. ada order brg. Melor akan emailkan Poslaju ref. no ok dear!

Kene susun balik jadual kerje opis dan hal-hal Moleygarden. Walopon masih byk yg menanti akan ku selesaikan satu persatu. Same la mcm tak merdeka jugak kan? Hahah! Papelah. Sabtu lak kene keje, convo MMU. Hadap aje lah.

Jgn lupe join giveaway tu tau!

Monday, August 03, 2009

GIVEAWAY! Santa In August! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Ok last 01.08.09 is 3rd Moleygarden anniversary. I'll be having a giveaway, in conjunction of 3 years of serving mothers who loves baby wearing. Rasa mcm baru je lagi jahitkan pouch utk my 1st customer. So what's the prizes? There'll be few items for the giveaway!

DecoVenus (Jap): 2 mags, 1 mags for each winner.

Female Summer 2009 (Jap) - Ladies Apparels Pattern.

2 pairs mini korker bows attach to French clip : 2 winners, 1 pair for each winner.

(see the ribbon above? pick 3 colors combination of your choice!)

1 crocheted flower with felt hair clip attach to barrette.

Pick me! One only!

2 15% discount cupon! - 1 cupon for each winner

Slash over slash!
(If items already on sale you will get additional 15% discount!)

Total of 8 prizes to be won. There'll be 8 winners. I have change the duration of give away. Giveaway will run for 4 weeks from 04.08.09 - 31.08.09. There'll be 2 winners each week. These are what you have to do!
  1. Become the follower of I do! I sew! blog.
  2. Become the follower of
  3. Join us in Facebook.
  4. Write an entry about this giveaway in your blog and link us back. Left your link in the comment area.
  5. And...forward this giveaway to 5 of your friends who might want to enter this giveaway! cc your email to mamamelor (at) - change (at) to @ (i write in that format just to avoid spam :D)
  6. That's all!
I will announce winner on 10 August 2009!, 17 August 2009, 24 August 2009 and 31 August 2009.

For 10 August 2009: Giveaway item are 1 Female Mag and 1 Deco Venus!