Monday, August 10, 2009

Giveaway Winners Week 1!

Okie's time to draw the winners for Week 1 of August Giveaway! I use to do the work. Congratulation to Aliff Aqill and Soo Mei! Your name will be taken out from the list since both of you already won something :D this is to be fair to others who join this giveaway ok!

From Giveaway

Female mag for Aliff Aqill and Deco Venus Volume 2 for Soo Mei! Ok 2 down...6 items to go! Winners email me your shipping add at mamamelor (at) yah!



Salam Melorr,
I dah email detailnyer.. TQ..
Next time kalau ada giveaway sure I joint lg..

Soo Mei said...

Can't believe I've won! I've email my detail ya, thank you so much Melorr!