Monday, August 03, 2009

GIVEAWAY! Santa In August! Ho! Ho! Ho!

Ok last 01.08.09 is 3rd Moleygarden anniversary. I'll be having a giveaway, in conjunction of 3 years of serving mothers who loves baby wearing. Rasa mcm baru je lagi jahitkan pouch utk my 1st customer. So what's the prizes? There'll be few items for the giveaway!

DecoVenus (Jap): 2 mags, 1 mags for each winner.

Female Summer 2009 (Jap) - Ladies Apparels Pattern.

2 pairs mini korker bows attach to French clip : 2 winners, 1 pair for each winner.

(see the ribbon above? pick 3 colors combination of your choice!)

1 crocheted flower with felt hair clip attach to barrette.

Pick me! One only!

2 15% discount cupon! - 1 cupon for each winner

Slash over slash!
(If items already on sale you will get additional 15% discount!)

Total of 8 prizes to be won. There'll be 8 winners. I have change the duration of give away. Giveaway will run for 4 weeks from 04.08.09 - 31.08.09. There'll be 2 winners each week. These are what you have to do!
  1. Become the follower of I do! I sew! blog.
  2. Become the follower of
  3. Join us in Facebook.
  4. Write an entry about this giveaway in your blog and link us back. Left your link in the comment area.
  5. And...forward this giveaway to 5 of your friends who might want to enter this giveaway! cc your email to mamamelor (at) - change (at) to @ (i write in that format just to avoid spam :D)
  6. That's all!
I will announce winner on 10 August 2009!, 17 August 2009, 24 August 2009 and 31 August 2009.

For 10 August 2009: Giveaway item are 1 Female Mag and 1 Deco Venus!


m|sa said...



saya nak join gak..
kui kui kui..

melorr said...

wahhh peserta pertama. melor dah masukkan link misa dlm list participants.

Soo Mei said...

Hi Melor, I wanna join!!! I love the Deco Venus Magazine so much!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sha also wanna join... chk out my entry at...

Follower I sew I do - done
Follower Moleygarden - done
Join FB - done
Blog - done
Email - done :)

Cheers !!

asmieyra said...

salam sis, nak join u'r giveaway..check it out


Soo Mei said...

Hello Melorr, check out my entry too.

melorr said...

Soo Mei, Sha and Asmieyra. I've added you all to the participant list! Thanks for joining this giveaway!

Ayu said...

Salam kak,
ayu pun nak join,ni link nya:

Semua dh buat cuma email blum.Nanti ayu buat ye:)


Salam Melur,

Nak join gak.. Ini link nyer..

Semua 5 syarat telah dipenuhi..

Wish me luck !!

Azie said...

melor, i want to participate tooo.. i've done all required.

do check out my blog :