Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Gift Exchange by My Mama Made It

Join the Gift Exchange at My Mama Made It

Hip hip horrreeyyy! Ok this is the first time i join gift swap! Organized by Alexis, My Mama Made It. She split the exhange into two for those within US and another is open to International, for those who are willing to sent their package to international address. If you happened to click on the link...iyyup, I did... post the sort of dumb ques haha! But nvm. This is how it works (baru je paham lepas Alexis explain ahaha)... the person who commented before you, will send you a package and you will be sending a package to the person who commented after your comment.

Haaaaa...(faham?) and I join the International Gift Exchange. This is the best part for me ..the person who will be sending me a package is Charlottes, who write her blog in Limburgs languange, from Netherlands i guess? .. and I'll be sending my package to BJ Mama from US. Naaa.. here's the tricky part.. I never know what will i get and what i send is a surprise package to BJ Mama!

Then... what's inside the package?

Here's what we're going to do. Put together a package of whatever you want in it. Make sure that its usable things that you think someone else would enjoy, something YOU would want to get. (Obviously, pertaining to sewing.)
Edited: In regards to size, make sure it is at least an 8.5x11 size envelope(the actual size, not business envelopes)

Sounds interesting rite? kan? best kan? (Syok sendiri ahhaa..!)

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