Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pre-order for Hotmama Pouch is now OPEN

Good news Mommies! Pre-order for Hotmama Pouch is now OPEN. Start TODAY! Early that the date I've mentioned in my homepage before! Why? It's because my weekend-office-workload has been postponed to August. Yes! So I have my weekend-sewing back! Submit your orders Now! More new design and vibrant colors of American Cotton and Cotton Sateen coming in! I will upload the pic. tomorrow!! Stay tune!

Owh another thing:

  • Feel free visit my new blog "I sew! I do!" most entry on my sewing stuff. Those who share the same interest in sewing and crafting let me know i can add you to my blog!
  • I've doing some fabric hunting for Hotmama Pouch, anyone interested to have designer fabrics as pouch or nursing cover? Pls. let me know! Among my favourite are Amy Butler, Joel Dewberry, Patty Young, Anna Maria Horner! . Price for pouch and nursing cover will be announce later.

Bubye peeps! Really appreciate if you forward this email to friends and colleague who might interest!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fabric Mania

Pic credit to ModKidBoutique

I've been craving for designer fabrics since 2007. I wonder why i didn't buy it online from US website and I couldn't find the answer hahah! Is not that I'm afraid to buy online from international site, after all I've been importing Gymboree kids apparels from Gymboree.com for my Malaysian customer. However, now I've few options to get designer fabrics locally. Shambijoux, Alvina and Retro Chic are bringing in few selection of designer fabrics available for Malaysian crafters. Some offer pre-orders.

Most quilt shop I went before this have lots of imported American cotton, however.... non of them have Amy Butler or Anna, Joel.. just to name a few. I just found out that Quilt Gallery at Bangsar Village have Micheal Miller design at price range start at RM49+- which kinda expensive for me. RM35-40/m is considered ok. Anyone found lower than that with nice design let me know yah! :D. So that's explain why my Hotmama Pouch that use American cotton are selling at a little bit higher price than the Jap. Cotton I get from Kamdar or Nagoya.

I went for fabrics hunting last Saturday after sending my deary Janome for her regular maintainance at Epal. Heading to Sea Park, SS2 at Petaling Jaya. Drop by at Yee Button House, Zhoahuo (ZZ) -not sure if I spell it correct and Kamdar. I found few new prints that will be interesting for my new Hotmama Pouch collection. Most of cottons at Yee Button are frpm Robert Kaufman and Quilt Gates. I accidently found a shop that Sis. Yela always mentioned in her blog, lubuk kain jerseys - ZZ, very sorry i forgot the spelling. Hantam sajalah but I didn't buy anything from ZZ since my jerseys already piling up waiting to be sewn into hijab hehehe and then at Kamdar I found a very vibrant plain color of soft cotton sateen. I bought few colors that match design i bought from Yee Button and Ikea fabby that I bought few weeks ago. Satisfied enough with the local fabric store. Bersyukurlah dgn apa yg ade hehehe.

I'm planning to get few designer fabrics soon for myself. Haven't decided whether to buy direct from US or buy from the local blogshop. I'm pretty sure it's gonna be fun to have those fabby in my stocks! Hhihi! Berangan dulu! Like attract like! Got the extra foot set for my Janome, can't wait to try it next 2 weeks. I've promised myself to take a break from sewing for 2 weeks plus being loaded with office stuff that really sucks! Sorry to colleague who read this... but Yes, office really sucks.

What ever it is - Welcome Monday! Welcome Rejab! Jom kite puasa sunat - mcm dah abis ganti puasa jer ehehhe!

Friday, June 26, 2009

I Sew! I Do!

I sew and yes I do. That's my new blog just for my sewing entries in the future. Been 2 years since I started to sew Hotmama Pouch, the MG hot selling product currently. I feel it's time for me to give back to share my passion in sewing and crafting. Hope those who share the same passion let me know and we can exchange link! Owh there'll be Sewing Party organize by Ms. Zia Kasim somewhere next month and we'll be sewing long wallet. Click here if you're interested to join!

Free Tutorial List

Ok. As usually after being drowning on the net, for sure I'll bring back something good or to be precise really Good! to share with others who are sewing freak like me. For now here's the list tutorial for sewing project that I found so far. Will update from time to time.

  1. Amy Butler - Gorgeous projects! Melelehhhh air liuq tgk.
  2. Michael Miller - Lovely projects and Quilts patterns!
  3. U-Handbag by Lisa Lam - This link to her list of tut. in pdf format. She's so generous!
  4. From Tipsnut - 35 links to tut. of Reusable Grocery Bag. Stop us plastic peeps!

Interfacing for bag making

Motto hari ni ialah "Informasi di hujung jari". I'm so into sewing bag lately. After my first trial of sewing bag under the guidance of Ms. Zila Kasim at her DIY Hijab class last weekend, I eager to know more about sewing bag. After being drowning into tons of sites that talked about sewing bag, I've come across a very useful tips from few expert out there about interfacing and interlining techniques for bag making.

So.. what is interfacing and what is interlining? In simple word, i quote from Lisa Lam the owner of u-handbag.com

Interfacing may not be very exciting but it’s absolutely essential for bag making as it provides body, structure, and durability to your chosen fabrics. Without interfacing your bag will look limp and be flimsy. The interfacing of a bag is as important as the foundations of a building.

Interfacings and interlinings are available in various thicknesses and are either Fusible (iron-on) or Sew-in.

Fusible Interfacing is ironed straight onto fabric to give it a stiffer finish. When selecting a fusible interfacing choose an interfacing that is slightly lighter in weight than your fabric. This way, any creases made in the interfacing due to wear will not show in you fabric.

Sew-in Interlining can be much stiffer than your fabric. We usually sew a same size piece of sew-in interlining onto the seams of the outer (shell) fabric. Sew-in interlining is often used in conjunction with fusible interfacing and is perfect for making your bag stand up on its own.

Still confused? For a more in-depth guide on Interfacing/Interlining click here

Lisa has a very interesting articles and tutorial on the interfacing which I myself found it's easy to understand for newbie like me. Meanwhile in Sew! Mama! Sew! blog, Amy Butler send a very useful tips on bag interfacing.

Owh yah...I will upload the pic of my first handmade bag soon. During the process of making this bag I learned that using the right weight of interfacing material for the bag is very important so that you'll get a good finishing and shape for the bag at the end of the day. The iron-on interfacing material I use for my first project is too thick so the bag look more sturdy than I've wanted but never mind I'm still happy with it. Ms. Zila did mention there's few weight of iron-on interfacing material and I managed to buy the lighter one the day after the class and planned to use it in my next project.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My sewing history.

I sew since my school time. I remember I made a small strap pouch for each of my friends after all of us leave form 5. Then after quit sometimes which not really "sometime", few years actually. I got married and had Yasmin. She was born with 3.72kg weight. Kusss semangat! I carry her around using pouch that I bought from Lucky Baby. She the main factor I venture into sewing pouch for mommies in Malaysia since then. Betullah org cakap... setiap anak tu ada rezeki masing²... Alhamdulillah murah rezeki sebab anak.

Enjoys pics from my archived!

My first pouch from Lucky Baby. Cost me almost Rm150+-.

She was born on 14th Oct. 2006. 28th Dec 2006 was the 1st day she sit in the baby pouch. Fully breastfeed up to 1y 2mo. Proud to say that she stop breastfeed at 2y 4m.

We're 'pouching' at Singapore. She was 7mo in this pic. So chubby! See I started sew my own baby pouch to suit my outfit hehe!

Sleep soundly in my handmade pouch.

Ok let's go out for dinner!

Outing at KLCC with Mama.

Among the 1st batch of Hotmama Pouch from MG back on 2007.

As time goes by, I redesign the packaging and managed to have my own label!

Sewing Party!

Let's have party! This is not just regular party.... this is Sewing Party! Yes...S-E-W-I-N-G Party. Organized by Ms. Zila Kasim aka my guru, she's a very resourceful person hehe! So anyone interested?

Venue : UPM or Bangi - To be confirmed..
Date : 26 Julai 2009 (Sunday) - To be confirmed..
Time : 11am to 5pm
  1. Fee: RM10 for each participant to sew Long Wallet. Pls. bring along your own equipment and machine.
  2. Venue rental RM10 (organizer will pay to the venue owner since we're using their space and electric!)
  3. For those would like to join but didn't have machine, pls. inform the organizer in advance. You can rent the machine from EPAL at RM15 per machine.
  4. Food - Pot Luck! Pls. inform the organizer food that you plan to bring.
  5. Participant are allowed to have selling and buying session! So, pls bring if you have anything to sell - readymade tudung, sewing kits, fabrics...etc lah and bring extra cash of course! Hehehe!
To bring list for Long Purse project (You can buy during the party session if you want) :
  • 2 designs/colors of 100% cotton fabric - 1/2m each.
  • Kain Gam (yg sedang² keras)
  • Zip - Size 3 or4 inch.
  • Buttons (kalu x de sgt bawa butang ketip sahaja dan butang hiasan)
  • Mahjong paper or Kertas minyak to draw the template.
  • Your sewing note book.
If interested kindly drop the email to ruzila_7174@hotmail.com
*I'll be joining of course - insyaAllah. See you there!


After a long hold... finally here I am to share info, tips on sewing and craft projects. I'm not a expert, still learning and newbie. I'll be posting all my sewing and crafts projects here. Might be selling some fabrics and patterns for sewing projects too. Hope to share my interest and knowledge with others who heart sewing so muchh.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hotmama Pouch

Archive picture of hotmama pouch

Friday, June 19, 2009

Doa makan!

See Yasmin recite the doa makan... sampai part malay translation sudah lopa. Hahahha!

Sing a song!

Happy birthday song to Icha!

Weekend di Kuantan

Last weekend kitaorg jenjln weekend ke Kuantan. Dah lame tak jenguk mi sistas! Kitaorg tlak pagi Sabtu lepas subuh. Alhamdulillah perjalanan smooth jer.

Jenjln kat EC Mall, carik kedai buku.

Kedai buku MBS yg ade kat EC mall tu kecik n tak menarik sgt, end up Yasmin nak masuk Chitho. It's kinda place where you can left ur kids there and take ur own sweet time to shop! Heheh! This place kinda cool, ade puppet show, bouncy house, books, puzzles etc. Most of the toys i saw inside are from the range of educational toys. Owh RM4.00 for the 1st one hour kalo tak silap.

Yasmin Alia, 2years 7months. Independent and matured than her age! She enjoy doing the colouring activity with the Chitho staffs. Asyik sgt colouring n tak kesah kene tinggal. My girl grow up too fast!

Meanwhile waiting for Yasmin, we have a snacks at Nelson's.

Me with my fav Ariani :). A little bit touch up with the minerals make up. Ihiks! I'm not prolah tapi good enough to paint my own face. I got my eyebrow threaded at Bangsar few days before the trip at RM5 only! Walopon dah 3-4 kali buat, masih tetap standby tissue utk lap air mata.

Like father like daughter...

Makan² sushi at Sushi King. So sedap!

Ari! My ateh little girl.

Semua org mkn dengan lahap nyer. 6 ppl. Menu, Siakap kukus - Ikan Pari Bakar Sambal Petai - Udang Goreng Pedas - Lala Masak Pedas - Sotong Goreng Tepung - Kailan Ikan Masin - Nasi Putih + Drinks = RM150 only!

Happy 3rd Birthday Icha!

Ok ni entry tertunggak. Pictures taken mase birthday Icha last few weeks which was in May hehehe.

Happy 3rd Birthday!

Ni lah kawan baik saya eheheh! - min nak kecek cake part yg ade gambo barney tuh!

Nyum²! Sakan birthday girl kite nih mengadap cake!

Tidak ketinggalan si comel Farissa. See... her mom tgh cekak pinggang kat belakang.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tetralogy Laskar Pelangi

Sebenar-benarnya saya mmg dah lame tak ambil tahu sgt pasal film. Kalau zaman study dulu, pantang ada art film pasti ada yg sebarkan. Maklumlah student mas mmg suka yg pelik². Antara yg teruk kami dikerjakan lecturer, dipaksa tonton movie Apes 1 jam setengah yg tak berdialog kemudian dijadikan assignment. Mungkin sebab dh diajar melihat movie untuk mengupas isi, mengkaji character dan melihat bukan sekadar berhibur. Kadangkala sengaja mencari silap krew atau camera setting or continuity error dlm movie. Belajar melihat dari belakang tabir. Pakkal bukan majoring Film Animation tapi Media Innovation yg. lebih menjurus ke advertising.

Asal jodoh saya dengan Laskar Pelangi bermula bila keluar lunch bersama 2 rakan baik yg. masih anak dara sunti tu... si Elmo dan Jujus 2 minggu lepas. Terdengar lagu Laskar Pelangi di radio. Jujus bukak cerita pasal movienya yang sedih dan touching. Balik saja dari lunch saya terus search dlm. server torrent student - Jumpa! Rezeki. Actually movie ni berasal dari buku cerita bertajuk Laskar Pelangi, penulisnya Andrea Hirata satu lagi penulis Indonesia yang saya bakal ikuti karyanya. Pagi ni ber Y! Jujus, dapat link Sastra Belitong dari dia. Rupanya cerita anak² Melayu tanah Belitong ni ada sambungan, bukan sekadar trilogy tapi tetralogy. Info dari Jujus, buku Edensor dan proses pembikinan film. Tahun depan dijangka siap. Ni senarai tetralogy Laskar Pelangi.

Saya dah cek di MPHONLINE cuma ade 2 buku. Buku 1 dan 3. Harganya pun taklah mahal, affordable. RM26-RM28. Satu bulan beli satu. Tetralogy Laskar Pelangi will be next in line for me to read! Heheh! Lagipun dan lama saya tak membaca novel sejak trilogy kisah si Saifudin aka Laksaman Sunan, karya Ramlee Awang Murshid. Jln ceritanya bukan sekadar kisah cinta, tapi membawa pembaca supaya mengagumi kekuasaan Allah SWT. Lebih kepada pendekatan rohani dengan mencontohi keperibadian character Laksamana Sunan rekaan Ramli.

Trilogy ni kalo ade yg. nak filmkan saya rasa dari jln ceritanya PGL boleh kalah :) dan saya antara yg awal akan pergi beli tiket heheh!

Panjang pulak entry saya ni. Mmg byk lagi yang nak saya kongsi walopon saya tahu ntah berapa kerat yg singgah ke sini. Sekurangnya bila singgah kesini ada yang dpt kalian bawa pulang untuk diri sendiri. Oklah... jom kita layan clip video Laskar Pelangi ni.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Laskar Pelangi

Kalau dalam diri setiap yang membaca entry ini merasakan pendidikan itu penting. Anda perlu lihat bagaimana 10 murid² dalam movie ini berjuang mendapatkan sedikit ilmu untuk menjadikan mereka seorang manusia. Then... you'll realize how bad we have neglected so many chances and facilities that we have today to educate ourself... our children. Kita di bumi bertuah. Kita rakyat yang bertuah. Anak² kita anak² bertuah. Kita patut bersyukur dengan kesenangan dan kemewahan negara kita ada pada hari ini. Teruslah belajar. Jangan berhenti.

* i watched the movie and burst me to tears...

DIY lampu dining plak

Kisahnya lampu dining area. Lampu asal yg dipasang wireman upahan no.1 telah diarahkan cabut oleh saya sbb contractor salah amik lampu kat kedai. Lain yg saya nak..lain yg diorg pasang. Oleh kerana terlalu lama menanti wireman upahan no.2 pasang lampu gantian tersebut, makin lame saya makin naik hangin lalu bertukar menjadi wireman jadi-jadian. Hahah! Hasilnya saya ambil keputusan untuk pasang sendiri. Huby jadi mangsa lah utk siri DIY ni.

Oleh kerana besi utk attach lampu dah dipasang oleh wireman no.1 untuk lampu lama, maka lebih senang lah kerja saya n hubby. Kami mmg gunakan sepenuhnyer tools yg ditinggalkan oleh wireman no.2 utk kerja² DIY kali ni. Dari skru hinggalah ke test pen.

Lepas kami dah pastikan mane satu suis utk lampu dining ni menggunakan test pen, kami off la suis tu. Kalo tak ade yg jadi daging salai atas meja makan. Kami adjust panjang cable lampu ikut kesesuaian dan citarasa serta mengambil kire kipas yg ligat berpusing di sebelah point lampu tu. (Maap yer saya mmg duduk atas meja makan tu). Ni ler part yg plg susah sbb ade 3 cable halus yg nak di selarikan... hubby jd mangsa tukang pegang cable tu, saya plak check ...sama panjang ke tak ehehhe! Berat ooo.. sarang lampu ni.
Thanks papa for ur help!

Agak² dah selari, kami check wire yg ade pada lampu tu tade warna hitam atau merah. Dedua putih, so kalo bantai matchkan pada wire merah atau hitam pada siling tu...sifirnyer tetap akan menyala. InsyaAllah heheh! (jgn ikut yer..sila rujuk pada pakar). Cuma yg pasti wire hijau yg melekat pada cap lampu tu mmg sifirnyer untuk wire hijau yg ada pada siling. Sila abaikan ruang tamu saya yg bersepah tu yer.

Selepas 20 minit berpeluh ketiak bersama hubby kami berjaya attachkan sarang lampu ni ke siling dan yang paling gembira, sifir bantai kami menjadik. Halogen light bulbs yg. halus pada sarang lampu menyala biru! Tapi ini bukan bermakna kerja saya selesai. Sila lihat bala seterusnyer yang menanti...

Nampak cantik bukan? Ni lah bala yg seterusnya utk kami. Hubby surrender takmau usik crystal ball nih. Takut pecah katanya. So saya terpaksalah kait satu² sebelum attachkan pada sarang lampu.

Selamat berjayalah yer! Naik terbuntang bijik mata nak pasang mende nih.

Oleh kerana kurang kesabaran, saya cuba pasang satu. Sila lihat piring diatas halogen bulbs tu, sepatutnya saya cabut grey sticker yg factory pasang utk elakkan piring tu tercalar. Tapi sbb excited sgt lepas dah pasang semua crystal ball, baru saya perasan tade pantulan cahaya pada piring. So imaginelah dengan crystal ball yg lebat tu saya cabut sticker pada piring. Maklumlah tak pernah pasang lampu mcm ni. Manual tade plak tu, layan jer heheh!

Masih belum sedar yg grey sticker pada piring perlu dicabut.

Nah... glittering kan? Heheh..mase ni dah cabut grey sticker pada piring atas tu. You can see the lighting reflect on the plate. Ala² mirror gitu. Kalo click large view, saya belum cabut plastik yg bungkus sarang lampu tu.

Ha..kita zoom out skit. Dah siappppp...! Mmg patut la upah pasang lampu mcm nih charge nyer mahal. Rumit dan leceh. Papepon saya dah DIY lampu ni. Lepas ni tade org boleh kelentong saya pasal lampu crystal mcm nih.

I'm the DIY freak.

Berbakul entry tertunggak nih. Ni mesin basuh punya hal. Kat umah skang nih kitaorg terpakse letak mesin basuh dlm. bilik air kat dapur. Kenapa? Sbb mmg tade tempat nak letak, ade tapi terlalu jauh dgn sumber air heheh. So nak tak nak letak ler dlm bilik air. Tapi bile dah duk dlm bilik air tu...kisah lain la pulak yg timbul. Developer kasi fitting paip yg canggih sangat sampai saya terpaksa jd surgeon.

Ni gambar bypass surgery yang saya jlnkan ke atas fitting canggih tu ke paip getah dan terus ke salur air washing machine. Aihh...! mak buat sendiri ni tau! (tak sia² jd anak Pak Man Janggut) Mase ni mmg terdesak sgt. sbb nak cuci baju yg. diangkut dari rumah lame mase pindah. Kalo tak salah ni 2nd day pindah umah. After few days, susah jugak nak maintain paip bypass tu. Mana tak nyer lepas rinse je...terlucut sbb pressure dari washing machine tolak paip getah tu. Hampir amuk ok. Mula² nak panggil plumber tambah kepala paip bawah sink, nak potong dan tambah kejenyer leceh jugak, makanya saya korbankan shower punya point. Heheh! Since bilik air tu mmg dah sempit dek mesin basuh... tak perlulah ade kemudahan shower. Makanya saya korbankan dan cabut batang shower pemberian dari developer tu.

Ha.. nanti aku kerjakan! Dah dicabut batang shower nyer.

Singgah kedai DIY saya beli kepala paip yg mmg khas utk mesin basuh. Tape putih tu plumber yg. pasang sinki kitchen kabinet kasi.

Balut punya balut...(jgn le tebal sgt, agak² dh ler)

Saya pakai tangga yg wireman tinggalkan kat dlm store utk panjat dan pasangkan kepala paip ni.

See... saya dah attachkan salur paip air utk washing machine ke paip DIY saya. Tinggi tu hhehe! Horray... tak perlu jenguk² bilik air utk cek paip bypass saya terlucut atau tak. Aman dunia. Kalo tak mulut ni asik nak bising je. Almaklumlah, saya mmg kaki membebel.