Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My sewing history.

I sew since my school time. I remember I made a small strap pouch for each of my friends after all of us leave form 5. Then after quit sometimes which not really "sometime", few years actually. I got married and had Yasmin. She was born with 3.72kg weight. Kusss semangat! I carry her around using pouch that I bought from Lucky Baby. She the main factor I venture into sewing pouch for mommies in Malaysia since then. Betullah org cakap... setiap anak tu ada rezeki masing²... Alhamdulillah murah rezeki sebab anak.

Enjoys pics from my archived!

My first pouch from Lucky Baby. Cost me almost Rm150+-.

She was born on 14th Oct. 2006. 28th Dec 2006 was the 1st day she sit in the baby pouch. Fully breastfeed up to 1y 2mo. Proud to say that she stop breastfeed at 2y 4m.

We're 'pouching' at Singapore. She was 7mo in this pic. So chubby! See I started sew my own baby pouch to suit my outfit hehe!

Sleep soundly in my handmade pouch.

Ok let's go out for dinner!

Outing at KLCC with Mama.

Among the 1st batch of Hotmama Pouch from MG back on 2007.

As time goes by, I redesign the packaging and managed to have my own label!


Little Honey Collections said...

yes melor, keep up the good work. i know u are very creative lady. i always follow your web as well your blog. he he he fiza pun actually minat sangat menjahit since school but normally life is busy and i couldnt spent much time on sewing. last project i had created my own pouch sling after i deliver my second baby. i also wearing pouch sling for first child fatin, and enjoy baby wearing very much. the main factor to babywearing is i really dont like to operate stroller as i found im not good at handling it. LOL.

the second project is my own cloth diapers. cant wait to launch my own hand made reusable cloth diapers in middle july. hope to share with u more in our interest of sewing,dear.

-fiza ahmad - ex mkbe team group.

melorr said...

Thanks fizah for dropping by. Let me know once you launch your lines yer dear!

Alviana said...

hi there, sis melorr,
really nice to meet u and ur blog.
u made a brilliant job with ur baby pouch inovation, malaysian version.
pretty impressive.
i wish i have my own little one too, looking at those pics :)

melorr said...

Alvina thanks for dropping by and thank you for your compliment! I'm still new in sewing. Hope to make lots of friends that share the same interest!

Anonymous said...

dear melorr,
shantek2 your fabric design. love them so much that i wish i can have some of them*wink wink*
its veeery hard to get those kindof design here.

nice blogs..nice jobs done..nice shop!
n nice to meet u here.