Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fabric Mania

Pic credit to ModKidBoutique

I've been craving for designer fabrics since 2007. I wonder why i didn't buy it online from US website and I couldn't find the answer hahah! Is not that I'm afraid to buy online from international site, after all I've been importing Gymboree kids apparels from for my Malaysian customer. However, now I've few options to get designer fabrics locally. Shambijoux, Alvina and Retro Chic are bringing in few selection of designer fabrics available for Malaysian crafters. Some offer pre-orders.

Most quilt shop I went before this have lots of imported American cotton, however.... non of them have Amy Butler or Anna, Joel.. just to name a few. I just found out that Quilt Gallery at Bangsar Village have Micheal Miller design at price range start at RM49+- which kinda expensive for me. RM35-40/m is considered ok. Anyone found lower than that with nice design let me know yah! :D. So that's explain why my Hotmama Pouch that use American cotton are selling at a little bit higher price than the Jap. Cotton I get from Kamdar or Nagoya.

I went for fabrics hunting last Saturday after sending my deary Janome for her regular maintainance at Epal. Heading to Sea Park, SS2 at Petaling Jaya. Drop by at Yee Button House, Zhoahuo (ZZ) -not sure if I spell it correct and Kamdar. I found few new prints that will be interesting for my new Hotmama Pouch collection. Most of cottons at Yee Button are frpm Robert Kaufman and Quilt Gates. I accidently found a shop that Sis. Yela always mentioned in her blog, lubuk kain jerseys - ZZ, very sorry i forgot the spelling. Hantam sajalah but I didn't buy anything from ZZ since my jerseys already piling up waiting to be sewn into hijab hehehe and then at Kamdar I found a very vibrant plain color of soft cotton sateen. I bought few colors that match design i bought from Yee Button and Ikea fabby that I bought few weeks ago. Satisfied enough with the local fabric store. Bersyukurlah dgn apa yg ade hehehe.

I'm planning to get few designer fabrics soon for myself. Haven't decided whether to buy direct from US or buy from the local blogshop. I'm pretty sure it's gonna be fun to have those fabby in my stocks! Hhihi! Berangan dulu! Like attract like! Got the extra foot set for my Janome, can't wait to try it next 2 weeks. I've promised myself to take a break from sewing for 2 weeks plus being loaded with office stuff that really sucks! Sorry to colleague who read this... but Yes, office really sucks.

What ever it is - Welcome Monday! Welcome Rejab! Jom kite puasa sunat - mcm dah abis ganti puasa jer ehehhe!


Alviana said...

hi sis... great post from u. we do share the same fabricaholic to designer fabric. :)
Gosh.. those fabric is sooo beautiful.. even the fabrics i have currently, i dont dare to cut it yet, bcoz it's beautiful the way it is hehe
here's a tip from me. Cheap designer fabric at ebay. Happy shopping!!!! :)

Ummi said...

Oh my you make me drool dear.. i memang tak boleh tenguk kain, boleh pengsan. Yes, i am just like you browsing for designer fabrics but too bad it's damn expensive when they post it to malaysia.. apa nak buat tenguk jelahkan. Oh yes.. i bought robert kaufman too from yee button, dont know what to do with it yet.. kalau nak buat bag, alahai mahal lah pulak nanti. you got great designs dear.. keep it up.. well done!!!

Sewprettypink said...

oopss sorry.. that was me

Erin@1N3sew said...

no women no fabric biz hahaha...
i start to shop cotton fabric (for my quilting) via online, you can check the links at my site. so far so good, all packages reached me safe n sound. worth to buy 7-8yars per purchase coz they can send with 1 flat rate envelope cost USD12.

but recently i found local shop with quilting fabric too like with USA fabric with printed design range at rm38/meter & plain color rm30/meter. but still no designer fabric like A.Butler, etc.

you can find some good price from seller on designers' fabrics too! i am still exploring, will update my site when i bought some designers' items from etsy seller.

melorr said...


Thanks a lot for sharing your fabric hunting exp. I'm thinking of buying online too espc. the designer fabrics but still in process or surveying hehe! I will take a look at links from your site and etsy.

I heard about Cottage Patch from my mother in law before. We went there once but the shop is close so haven't yet buy anything from them. Perhaps, next buy i will.

I also search fabric at ebay but end up buying grosgrain ribbon for my korker bows project eheh!

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

You can get nice fabrics from USA & Japan at the Laughing House Fabric. :)

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