Friday, June 26, 2009

Interfacing for bag making

Motto hari ni ialah "Informasi di hujung jari". I'm so into sewing bag lately. After my first trial of sewing bag under the guidance of Ms. Zila Kasim at her DIY Hijab class last weekend, I eager to know more about sewing bag. After being drowning into tons of sites that talked about sewing bag, I've come across a very useful tips from few expert out there about interfacing and interlining techniques for bag making.

So.. what is interfacing and what is interlining? In simple word, i quote from Lisa Lam the owner of

Interfacing may not be very exciting but it’s absolutely essential for bag making as it provides body, structure, and durability to your chosen fabrics. Without interfacing your bag will look limp and be flimsy. The interfacing of a bag is as important as the foundations of a building.

Interfacings and interlinings are available in various thicknesses and are either Fusible (iron-on) or Sew-in.

Fusible Interfacing is ironed straight onto fabric to give it a stiffer finish. When selecting a fusible interfacing choose an interfacing that is slightly lighter in weight than your fabric. This way, any creases made in the interfacing due to wear will not show in you fabric.

Sew-in Interlining can be much stiffer than your fabric. We usually sew a same size piece of sew-in interlining onto the seams of the outer (shell) fabric. Sew-in interlining is often used in conjunction with fusible interfacing and is perfect for making your bag stand up on its own.

Still confused? For a more in-depth guide on Interfacing/Interlining click here

Lisa has a very interesting articles and tutorial on the interfacing which I myself found it's easy to understand for newbie like me. Meanwhile in Sew! Mama! Sew! blog, Amy Butler send a very useful tips on bag interfacing.

Owh yah...I will upload the pic of my first handmade bag soon. During the process of making this bag I learned that using the right weight of interfacing material for the bag is very important so that you'll get a good finishing and shape for the bag at the end of the day. The iron-on interfacing material I use for my first project is too thick so the bag look more sturdy than I've wanted but never mind I'm still happy with it. Ms. Zila did mention there's few weight of iron-on interfacing material and I managed to buy the lighter one the day after the class and planned to use it in my next project.


Hanim said...

Hi Melor,....salam from Penang. I like your story on how you got started with Hot Mama pouch. Well done. Would love to see your finished bag.

~rachel~ said...

Hi Melor! I came across your blog post while searching online about interfacing. I've been making pouches and smaller sewing stuff for some time now and I've just began to sew bags. I found some lightweight (i think) interfacing from this craft supply shop that I usually go to in my hometown. However, when I go to fabric stores in kl/subang and asked for interfacing, most of the shop people just look at me and say they have no idea what is that and they do not sell them. Do you have any idea where i can get heavy weight interfacing for my bag base?

Melor Rahman said...

Hi Rachel,

I believe in M'sia people didn't call it "interfacing". I, myself not so sure what they call it in M'sia hahah! But when i explain i need material that can be iron on n usually we use it to make collar on men's shirt then the taukey sure know what i want hahah! Most sewing supply shop has them because tailor use it on collar area for baju melayu. I;m not sure which area u live, in KL you can go to Yee Button at Taman Sea, at Petaling Street thare's on old shop it has almost all notions supply u need. :)

[ afiza* ] said...

Malaysian don't call it "interfacing".. they call it "kertas gam"..thank you for sharing this..enjoy reading your entry

maisyara meor said...

I have only started sewing and my first project was a handbag. It was a bit flimsy but i liked it because i can stuffed so many things inside.
Then, I decided to make my own clutch for my passport and travelling documents (since the ready made costs tons) and came across fusible interfacing and was stopped in my tracks because I didn't know what that was. So I did what I usually do when this happens, I Google it up, and found this. Thank you so much! Now I know what to ask for at the stores ;)