Monday, February 24, 2014

DIY Personalized Note Book

Today i will share with you how to DIY your own personalized note book using buku tulis zaman sekolah dulu.

To do this u will need
  1. Note book
  2. Printer
  3. Stapler (regular ones will do the job)
  4. Stapler gun (if u use thick note book like i have)
  5. Eraser

First - Carefully pull of staple in the middle of the book using the metal part at the back of the stapler like in the picture. That's the only tool i have, if u have a better and safer tool to do the job go ahead and use it.

Pull of it off, do this step to the other staple on the note book. Now book cover is taken off from the note book. (i forgot to snap a pic sorry!)

2nd - Open your word editing tool like Mic. Word or better if u have Adobe Illustrator. But i just use my Mic. words.

3rd - In Mic Words go to Page Layout - Size - More Paper Size. Insert size of your cover paper size. The i use is Width 8.25" and Height 13".

4th - Click Page layout - Orientation - Landscape. And set Columns to Two. Now u have a layout to play around. As for the margin - i just eyeball it...well main agak2. U can use Print Preview to check your layout before printing on the final paper. Or better test print of regular paper before print it on the cover.

5th - Once u satisfied with your layout, print it on the cover paper using the blank side. Now u have your personalized cover ready.

Now t's time to re-attach the cover to your note book.

6th - Align the papers n cover together, i use paper clips to help them stay still. Since i'm using a thicker note book, i use the stapler gun instead of regular ones. Slide an eraser under the paper where the staple most likely will be press. The eraser will help to secure the staple on the other side. Press the stapler gun/stapler just like before we remove the cover.

This is what it look likes on the inside of the stack after we remove the eraser.

7th - Lastly, press down the staple to secure them. Do this to the other part of the note book.

Now you have it! Your own personalized note book the cheaper way like i did. Please share your own personalized note book, i want to see it! Have a wonderful week!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Long story short - Aisha's accidental homebirth story.

Biggest event of all in 2013 was we had an accidental childbirth in our own bedroom on 21st Sept 2013 - morning. I'm still contemplating whether or not to share the full birth story in public either on facebook or here since a lot going on in the Malaysia media lately about homebirth vs hospital birth thingy.

I'm here not to clear the air. Hanya berkongsi cerita basi versi pendek tentang kelahiran anak ketiga yang berlaku 3 bulan yang lalu lol! Pelan asal kami ialah bersalin di hospital. Oleh kerana telah melalui pengalaman melahirkan anak pertama di hospital tempatan, sudah merasai episiotomy, berserta kurang pengetahuan ketika itu, bed-ridden selama berminggu untuk pulih.Manakala anak kedua secara waterbirth di MMC (boleh baca cerita penuh di sini) jadi standard saya untuk melahirkan anak dah upgraded to new level. Alhamdulillah dapat bertemu doktor tempatan yang bersetuju dengan birth plan kami.

Many people wonder how we managed to pull it off, i wonder too. In a such a panic situation i can recall every single details what was done by 2 midwife (Cassie & Shanti) who attended us back in 2010. Thank goodness for waterbirth experience semasa melahirkan irfan + the mandatory childbirth classes yang kami ikuti di MMC + list of books to read,  memang banyak membantu. Saya percaya suasana yang tenang di dalam bilik (warm & calm) dan kenangan yang itu sangat manis membolehkan otak saya dengan mudah recall setiap details perbuatan dan perbualan mereka dan soalan2 yg diajukan kepada saya.

Jadi ketika saya sedar yang dah terlambat untuk masuk kereta dan ke hospital, saya kuatkan diri dan berkata pada diri sendiri, lets have the baby now! Suami saya sudah panik turun naik tangga beberapa kali memenuhi setiap permintaan saya. Dari ambil kain, air panas, bekas nak isi uri sampai ke benang untuk mengikat tali pusat Aisha. Saya berselawat sambil melutut di hujung katil dan suami di sisi menanti arahan. I remember i said.."Ya Allah, i know that i'm gonna die someday but please not today... not today" Sakit melahirkan hanya Allah dan mereka yang pernah merasai sahaja yang tahu. Sebaik sahaja kepala Aisha keluar dia terus menangis dan saya dengar suami saya ketawa sambil memberi salam pada Aisha. Waktu itu paling manis, first my sort-of-half-born baby is crying out loud while her body still inside me, that is a good healthy sign, second because i know my husband was back on his feet!  kontraksi yang seterusnya Aisha just slide out of me.......yes she twist her body so that i can see her face lol! (she was facing my back before that) then slide out and hubby catch her. We wrapped her with flannel swaddle to keep her warm.

Saya bangun berdiri, check myself. I can feel the balance and not dizzy, then hubby pass Aisha to me. I sat on quilt that was laid on the floor then breastfeed Aisha non-stop until the placenta came out. We tied her cord with thread once it stop pulsating. Hubby make few calls - hospital & family. I took a warm bath, get dressed and off to hospital.

Reached hospital. 
Our doctor advised to stay at the hospital at least one night so that they can make sure me and baby are in a great shape even-tho the doc n me knew that i'm stable and the baby is healthy.We are happy to stay with no objection. We concerned too in case we missed anything.

on her 1st day

Next day, we went home and move on our life as usual with this brand new little peanut. Pengalaman yang kami lalui sangat bermakna. Pengetahuan dan pengalaman lepas amat banyak membantu kami menghadapi kes emergency ini. Pada pendapat saya semua bakal parent perlu tahu serba sedikit apa yang perlu dilakukan in case of emergency. Kita mungkin rasa tak penting sebab ada hospital...ada ambulance, tapi bila dah menghadapi baru kita sedar. Walau apapun pengetahuan itu penting, tak rugi pun memperkasakan diri kita dengan pengetahuan baru.

With that being said... is there any places that offer basic first aid & cpr courses for public? if u have any info please let me know. Get certified for First Aid & cool is that sound?

Aisha is 14 weeks.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Long hiatus 2013

A year passed since my last post on 2012. I thought i want to give up blogging. I tried. Stop for a year. Gone 2013. And suddenly on 2014 i decided i need to start blogging again with new content that can be useful for others like craft or sewing tutorial & diy stuff that i tried before.

I revamp the look & feel of this blog. changed the name, it was I sew! I do! I change the name to Melor Makes and renew the blogspot link to I have gave up my old domain for now.

2013 left in memory and i will pickup few stories from 2013 to be featured here later. Stay tune!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

A long way..i'm back in Malaysia

It seems like yesterday when I closed my online shop selling kids apparels and telling my beloved customer that I'm leaving to US. Now I'm back in Malaysia. I'm gonna miss my time in Denver.

I'm gonna miss my most favorite place of all - JoAnn. I remember whenever i enter the store, they already knew me, a customer who come to harvest their cute flannels, fleeces and cottons :) Ahh...those days when i'm busy clipping coupons to use at JoAnn. I miss the seasons in Denver.

It's been almost 3 months I back. It took me 2 months to clear the piling boxes in our living room that we shipped through vessel and I;m still struggling to find the best way to store tons of my cottons, minkies, cotton velour, PUL that I used to make my custom cloth diapers. Some of them did manage get onto the shelf but some still hiding somewhere in 12 boxes in my sewing room.I'll do another entry about this.

All in all.. it's good to be back and catching with family and friends. Owhh i forgot to mention that I'm a proud working at home mom :)..yup a WAHM in Malaysia.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

All in one pot update - Gumboo soup! See me new raves! Juki F600

I broke my promise ya..ya..i know. Throw me stones! I recently finish sewing a 21 pcs cloth diapers for a group of mommies at Malaysia Cloth Diaper Parents at Facebook. They are all nice ladies who heart handmade. As i was completing their orders, I managed to take few shots of process cutting a 10y of bamboo fleece to make the soaker aka insert for the diapers. With the help of my all time favourite tool aka tool-that-i-can't live-without hahah! My OLFA rotaty cutter!

 I have 36" OLFA cutting mat on my cut table and 18" OMNI EDGE ruler plus my 45mm rotary cutter and I'm good to go! 10 yards Bambo fleece here I come!

 This is what happen after 15 minutes cutting. Didn't believe me? Well ..believe it. I rotary can cut up to 4 layers of bambo fleece in one shot! Imagine if I use scissor? How long will it take to finish it and not to mention strain on your fingers. Shown is stacked of cut from 5 yards of bamboo fleece ready to serge!

 Serge and ready to go! 

I've a love and hate relationship with my serger..not matter how much i hate using it..i love it haha. My tips to get smooth shape of serge insert..cut the fabrics in rectangle shape, just big enough to fit your soaker pattern. Trace your soaker pattern on the top layer of fabric. When you serge...follow the lines that u traced earlier..and go slow when you reach the corner. InsyaAllah your soaker will turn out nicely. There will always a learning curve when working with serger.I'm a newbie too. 

21 cds ready to fly to M'sia!
 More picture of these project can be seen here.

 I also made few embroidery diapers. They are fun to work on! 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

One big time update! MGKids Cloth Diaper and my Facebook fanpage

My DIY album in Facebook.

I believe my last entry for 2010 blog says everything. I was too busy with my US personal shopper service till i've neglected this one :) but that doesn;t mean I didn't sew! I sew! I do! Hehehe. I upload most of my sewing projects in my Facebook album here. Latest project on my sewing table is cloth diapers. Yup i sew and want to sell cloth diaper. Those who know me since the past 4 years, I've started sew and sell baby sling (Hotmama Pouch) when I had my first daughter, Yasmin. with Irfan, i found cloth diaper. I wish I knew about cloth diaper early, I could have save tons of $ for Yasmin education fund..'s not to late to late!

MGKids Cloth Diaper.

I've created a Facebook fan page for MGKids CD and Moleygarden personal shopper service. Feel free to drop by and my Moleygarden website has fully moved to my own hosting. Still the same domain -

I guess this entry will be short and compact hehe. I promise I will update more on my sewing project that i've queuing in my to-do-list like soft structured carrier, mei tai, converting my wrap to ring sling just to name a few. So..i promise I will update more next time. Adios!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Jom join US Shopping Spree at with MG!

This group is extension from It's open to all Malaysia friends who want to join US shopping spree. There will be lots of items to be offered. If you have anything in mind that you would like to purchase from US let me know and I will consider to open a coop order for you.

Coop order items will be combine ship to Malaysia! This will save you shipping cost! You're sharing the cost with others rather than paying shipping cost alone. All prices already includes US ground shipping and ship to your door by Poslaju! (Unless stated otherwise). You don't have to worry about TAX, Custom clearance, we'll take care that for you!

How coop order work?
1. You place an order before closing date in the database available in US Shopping Spree Yahoogroups.
2. Wait for me to request a payment from you. (M2u, CIMB, Visa, Mastercard, Paypal accepted)
3. 1 week take for the item to reach my home once spree is close all people have made payment. (If you delay payment, it will delay me to place order).
4. 8-14 business day take parcel to reach my partner in Malaysia.
5. 1-3 business day to reach you by Poslaju!
6. We will take care all the tax/custom clearance for you includes Poslaju! Price of item includes all of this!

Current Spree open is:

1. SPANX - - love this! Close 18/10/10
2. Cloth diaper - Bumgenius, Grobaby : Would like to buy other brand? Let me know ok! The more people buy the same brand the cheaper it will be because we can buy the 12pk or 24pk and get the fraction of price!
3. Baby Legs - Close 18/10/10
4. Victora Secret -
5. Forever21 - - anybody can be a fashionista now!
6. Awesome yummylicious fabric from Etsy!
7. Lots of fabric from!

More to come! I will add from time to time, if you would like to add other item pls. feel free email me and I will add that for you! Till then!  Pass this info to your sister friends too! Thanks for reading this!

*Sisters from Brunei and Singapore are welcome to join! Shipping to you will be an individual shipping not combine.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Cerita tentang "pantang lepa"

Pernah dengor org tua-tua cakap ..."pantang lepa betul budak nih.."? That's what happen to my ber"pantang" sekarang. Mmg pantang lepa lah..yer ler sape je yg nak larang itu dan ini. Sendiri mau ingat lah kan. Kalo sayang badan nak pakai lame pepandai le jaga betul tak. Harap2 jgn lah nanti kene khutbah plak sbb byk sangat lah pantang-pantang yg berpatutnyer di pantang dalam waktu berpantang ni ..void. Totally void sepanjang 23 hari "dalam pantang" ahaks!

1. Tidak memakai stoking - I've been wearing it during 1st week je itu pun waktu summer beb, kat sini panas ooo, plus i had a very bad edema during the 3rd day. Kaki bengkak mcm nak meletop..all my toes are like sausages kontot. And i had another reason..since apt. nih fully tadelah pijak2 lantai sejok.

2. Bergallon air telah ku minum satu hari - Some old folks said..jgn minum air byk2 nanti kembang..aiyaa mcmana mau melepaskan hajat dgn senang kalau tak minum air yg cukup maa? breastfeeding some more, so i've a strong reason to drink for two rite? again..summer + denver dry weather = sile minum air 3l air satu hari.

3. Makan nasi yg dipanaskan - Apelah salah nasi yg dah sejok tu? Menangis nasik tu makan tak jgn membazir..reheat dan makan lah selagi tak basi yer kawan2.

4. Makan ikan tongkol, keli - Alhamdulillah so far makan ikan keli goreng same ikan tongkol masak kari, belum ada symptom yg pelik.

5. Makan ketam dan udang - Hemm kalo kat Malaysia maybe tak makan kot tapi atas alasan nak survive..maka nya makan ajelah melor. Alhamdulillah jugak tade gatal-gatal seperti yg. diwar-warkan.

6. Culas berbengkung - Hehehe ini lah yg plg malas nk buat. 5 hari berbengkung kat rumah without fail then after that on and off sbb ade SPANX. Krim Bio Sirih dan Sirih Emas mmg pakai without fail.

7. Buat kerja2 rumah mcm biasa- Hemm genap seminggu i started cook, menjahit etc. To date..i've finished 4 cloth diapers for Irfan and baju kurung Mimin..kainnyer je belom. Laundry dan cuci pinggan mmg hubby yg buat so I assist on other tasks. He's the best!

8. Makan mcm2 lah - Semua bantai..tolak ais same mknan ala2 pickles je. Tu pon ade hari yg berbuka puasa kat luar "terlupa" dan sempat gak la minum juice with ice segelas. Amponn! Sendiri mau ingat.

9. Bawak baby keluar waktu malam - Hemmm bab nih tamo cite pjg2 hehe sbb kitaorg bukan keluar malam..tapi balik malam :). Dah bacekan ayat Kursi and 3 Qul mcm mak n mama selalu pesan.

10. Hemm ape lagi ekk? Cukuplah 9 nanti list byk2 ade lak kene khutbah heheh!

Hemm mcm nih lah kalo berpantang sendiri. Mana yang rasa perlu ikut dan berasas I will do without doubt. The rest I leave it as it is. Before I end this entry, I would like to share some information, some says you will feel "gatal-gatal" on repair area if you eat certain kind of food rite..? After 1 week delivery, I had an appointment with midwife, Aubre at MMC. She checked on my stitches and everything looks fine and she did ask if I do feel itchy sometimes around the stitches area and I said yes, then korg nak tau apa die cakap dgn muka selamba...(subtitle la eh?)

"Owh..jgn risau..tade ape tu biasa lah tissue luka tu nak bercantum balik, nanti stitches tu dah baik, rasa gatal2 tu akan hilang. Same lah mcm kalau kite luka kat tempat lain..dalam process kulit tu nak bercantum balik kita akan rasa gatal pastu rasa nak garu je luka tu. Mende yang sama jadik masa pregnancy, bila kulit perut kurang lembab and it stretch, you will feel itchy sometimes..."

Ha..tu dia subtitle rojak men-translate apa yang Aubre explain....kalau tak caya...nanti jumpa doctor leh la buat2 tanye. Kite tgk doctor tu jawap apa. Hemmm now is our traditional myth busted or not? Jawap sendiri lah yer.

Okie dokie till then. Selamat berpuasa dan selamat berbuka. Saya haram berpuasa walopon rasa mcm larat jer nak puasa..sob! sob! sob!...Pose ganti tak same ngn pose Ramadhan.

p/s: carik resepi lompat tikam.