Monday, February 24, 2014

DIY Personalized Note Book

Today i will share with you how to DIY your own personalized note book using buku tulis zaman sekolah dulu.

To do this u will need
  1. Note book
  2. Printer
  3. Stapler (regular ones will do the job)
  4. Stapler gun (if u use thick note book like i have)
  5. Eraser

First - Carefully pull of staple in the middle of the book using the metal part at the back of the stapler like in the picture. That's the only tool i have, if u have a better and safer tool to do the job go ahead and use it.

Pull of it off, do this step to the other staple on the note book. Now book cover is taken off from the note book. (i forgot to snap a pic sorry!)

2nd - Open your word editing tool like Mic. Word or better if u have Adobe Illustrator. But i just use my Mic. words.

3rd - In Mic Words go to Page Layout - Size - More Paper Size. Insert size of your cover paper size. The i use is Width 8.25" and Height 13".

4th - Click Page layout - Orientation - Landscape. And set Columns to Two. Now u have a layout to play around. As for the margin - i just eyeball it...well main agak2. U can use Print Preview to check your layout before printing on the final paper. Or better test print of regular paper before print it on the cover.

5th - Once u satisfied with your layout, print it on the cover paper using the blank side. Now u have your personalized cover ready.

Now t's time to re-attach the cover to your note book.

6th - Align the papers n cover together, i use paper clips to help them stay still. Since i'm using a thicker note book, i use the stapler gun instead of regular ones. Slide an eraser under the paper where the staple most likely will be press. The eraser will help to secure the staple on the other side. Press the stapler gun/stapler just like before we remove the cover.

This is what it look likes on the inside of the stack after we remove the eraser.

7th - Lastly, press down the staple to secure them. Do this to the other part of the note book.

Now you have it! Your own personalized note book the cheaper way like i did. Please share your own personalized note book, i want to see it! Have a wonderful week!

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