Sunday, February 27, 2011

One big time update! MGKids Cloth Diaper and my Facebook fanpage

My DIY album in Facebook.

I believe my last entry for 2010 blog says everything. I was too busy with my US personal shopper service till i've neglected this one :) but that doesn;t mean I didn't sew! I sew! I do! Hehehe. I upload most of my sewing projects in my Facebook album here. Latest project on my sewing table is cloth diapers. Yup i sew and want to sell cloth diaper. Those who know me since the past 4 years, I've started sew and sell baby sling (Hotmama Pouch) when I had my first daughter, Yasmin. with Irfan, i found cloth diaper. I wish I knew about cloth diaper early, I could have save tons of $ for Yasmin education fund..'s not to late to late!

MGKids Cloth Diaper.

I've created a Facebook fan page for MGKids CD and Moleygarden personal shopper service. Feel free to drop by and my Moleygarden website has fully moved to my own hosting. Still the same domain -

I guess this entry will be short and compact hehe. I promise I will update more on my sewing project that i've queuing in my to-do-list like soft structured carrier, mei tai, converting my wrap to ring sling just to name a few. So..i promise I will update more next time. Adios!

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