Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekend projects

I supposedly finishing my DIY spools rack today (something like Megan have in her craft room) but something came out and it's out of my circle of influence. Huhu. The kedai kayu said they haven't yet cut the wood I ordered from them last week due to problem with their machine. They promise to complete it next Monday. So my spool rack project is on hold. Instead of mourning, I move to something colourful to cheer me up! Felts, buttons and ribbons of course!

From Hairclip Project
Buttons I bought from Yoonie (Studioshoppe) really makes me smile heheh! See the big green crochet flower? That's a measurement tape I bought from her too. ;). She really have a nice touch with that piece.

From Hairclip Project
Ok if I may ask... is it normal to have more than 3 scissors in our craft room? There're 4 in the pic and I have another 2 not in the pic. Hoho!
  1. Pink handle - To cut felts, interlining.
  2. Red handle - To cut papers.
  3. Blue Green handle - To cut thread etc.
  4. Medium Black handle - To cut ribbons.
  5. Zig Zag Scrissor - just for fun hihi (not in the pic)
  6. Large size Black handle - To cut fabrics (not in the pic)
For me it's normal eheh! 6 still acceptable. I exclude the rotary cutter and snipers that I have heheheh! Still normal lah kan.

From Hairclip Project
Aren't they gorgeous? I love crochet so much! But sadly my crochet basic is kaput already. Perhaps I might consider to polish up my crochet skill soon. These crocheted flowers I get from one of my best friend, nama die Ms. Ebay ehhehe. And some touch of cute button, of course buttons from Yoonie. Again I promote Yoonie.. ehhehe!

From Hairclip Project
Lawa kan...! Tade org nk puji takpe I puji sendiri heheh! The korker bows tu belum siap sepenuhnyer..masih berjarum lagi mase I took this pic. I akan buat lagi satu ..kembarnyer utk. digayakan ala2 piggy tail. Owh french clip will be attached to both later. Okies..da tghari, nak masak plak. Yes I do cooking too :P. Menu hari nih Spaghetti bolognaise meatball. Menu pemalas hehehe...tayah masak lauk byk2 kan? See you on Monday then!

*Nanti I share pic of my ribbon stash! Ptg ni nak jahit hotmama pouch plak. Pre-washed fabric is ready to be sewn.


dodiemohd said... dodie (dodiesdesign). Lawa yang, meh i puji! Very cute and comel giler. I suke. Nak tanya, kalo mcm tu u jual how much??

dodiemohd said...

another thing, where can i buy the small crochets on the hair clip?? dah lama cari..

melorr said...

Hi sis dodie! thanks for the complement! Hihiks! Melor belum kire lagi berapa hengget nak jual. tapi insyaAllah harganya taklah semahal kat Etsy heheh. The crochet tu akak boleh beli kat ebay. Mcm2 design ade. Sure rambang mata.

okinokiyo said...

Ohh on hold ke spool project? I ada 3 scissors gak, gunting kain, kertas & benang masa menjahit. Normal kot... :)

I like the pink clip tuuu..tpi my daughter ni tak suka clip or apa pun atas kepala kecuali topi.Rugi sungguh!

melorr said...

Oki: Yup huhu! brg2 lain da ready, kayu frame tu jer yg tade. Machine potong kayu tu ade prob pulak.

Ummi365 said...

not to worry crafters memang banyak accesories nyer.. i sekarang tengah kumpul benang... people say benang kalau tak guna boleh masuk angin.. ya ke? agaknya benang pun perut kembung kut hehehe

melorr said...

Ummi: masuk angin tu jd mcmana? Hehehe..mereput ker? kalo kale pudar tu mungkin kot ecsp. kalo terdedah dekat ngn tingkap @ cahaya matahari. melor ade bace somewhere it's best to keep benang dlm bekas tertutup. Nak kasi warna die tak pudar n elak dari habuk. tapi melor masih gatal nk buat spool rack ala2 gantung kat dinding tu hehe!

Btw ummi kumpul benang apa yer? Melor pergi Art Friend kat The Garden minggu lepas, kat sane ade jual benang GuterMann. mcm lam pic nih