Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Korker Bows!

What I've been up to lately? Oklah let me tell you some grandmother storylah... hihi. I've been doing some research and experiment on doing korker bows or some people call it squiggly. Frankly speaking I have lost more than 6 yards of my grosgrain ribbon stash just to get the the bows turn out nice from the oven! Consider burns and change color due to too high temperature. So have to adjust accordingly lah. 3-4 attempts jugak ler.

I also been searching the perfect dowels size to get what you have seen in the picture. I went to hardware store non selling dowel. Batang penyapu ade la. I went to art store..only found a tiny size of dowels that usually use by art student to do architecture-model etc. Finally, i went to a store that supply kitchen stuff for restaurant then I found a perfect size of stick for this project hehe. It's a medium size of chopsticks that ppl usually use to fry "chakoi" hehhe. But the most important thing is the size work for me.

This is gonna be the next my handmade product for MoleyGarden. So lucky I have my cute-curly-hair-angel: Yasmin to be the first wearing my 1st ever handmade korker bow.

See the bow's curls and her curls....awww!

Selambak atas kepala!Kan comel tu! Heheh!

I'm planning to make few sizes and the bows to hair clips, alligator clips or hair band. So any takers? Heheh. InsyaAllah end of this month I will upload this item to

*owh been working on few felt hair clip too. Tunggu ya heheh!

Updated 16/7: I found 1/4" dowel at Art Friend at The Garden, MidValley last night. Yep people I know. You can call me crazy hehe!. I bought 2 packets of dowel. 1 packet have around 24 sticks I guess... not so sure. RM9.50 per packet. So happy! Happie! Yippie! Owh! Swiss dot grosgrain ribbon I ordered from ebay US arrived yesterday, packets of button I ordered from Yoonie also already safe in place from Yasmin, I secretly keep in my buttons box. Yep, she already show her interest in my sewing and craft stuff.


Haida Hussin said...

hi melor, susah ke nak buat korker bows tu? guna reben apa?

melorr said...

Kak Haida,

Nak buat tu tak susah. Yg. lecehnyer nak setkan temperature yg sesuai mengikut oven masing2. 2-3 kali gak burn ribbon. Melor pakai grosgrain ribbon. Gulungkan pada batang dowel then masukkan dlm oven. Kalo melor nyer oven melor pakai 180C mcm bake cupcake la plak heheh! For 15-20 min je melor buat. Kalo ikut tutorial yg melor jumpa mostly suh 20-25min so tgk pada keadaan la. Mlm ni nk try pakai dowel yg baru beli kat Art Friend tu. Owh lg satu melor kepit ribbon pakai penyepit baju kayu.

fid4h said...

Hi melorrr,
bestnya miminn mama dia creative!
dpt pakai benda2 cute mute.
gudluck dgn bisnes sewing mowing...
let's sew something!
nak berguru dgn ko blehh?

melorr said...


boleh.. sediakan aje pengerasnyer yer cu?! Hahahah!

m|sa said...

wooow wiie.. cute!