Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Photo at your blog sucks?

It seems that lots of people venture in online business lately. Apa yang tade jual online..macam-macam ada! Bagi online shopper tegar yang aktif membeli dan menjual online mcm penulis entry ni (hehehe..!) gambar produk memainkan peranan penting dalam membuat decision membeli brg dan ketika mengupload gambar brg utk dijual. To sell is to show what you sell. Ckp aje tak guna. Kalo ade kedai offline tayah de kite susah payah amik gambo, walk in customer boleh tgk sendiri, pegang dan cuba.

Tapi sebab berniaga secara online, store owner nak tak nak kene timba ilmu photography serba sedikit supaya outcome gambar produk yang kita nak jual tu terang, jelas, menarik dan memberikan gambaran kepada pelanggan rupa sebenar barang yg. dijual. Kalau gambar blur... shaking, too bright..too dark mcmana lah nk attract org. membeli. So if you feel pictures at your store sucks...or u need make over for your shop, watch this video and read those useful articles from The Storque, Etsy.

1. Photograph Your Work For Sale

Must watch video. Simple tips
- Use natural light to take pic.
- Take pic. from few different angle and choose the best.
- Be clear on the size of the item you sell..make it comparable something ppl. usually deal with like coins.
- Adjust the the white balance of your camera. How? Watch the video ok.
- Use the suitable & consistent background for your item.
- Be creative on how to display your item.
- Many moree...lah! Click on the play button, have some effort la people! :p
2. Forty's Foto Tips, #2: Make a light box! - sgt berguna pada yg menjual small scale items!

3. Shop Makeover Series: Photographing for Success - Why and how?

*Kekdg penulis tepek je gambor shaking n blur dlm blog ni. Tapi yg nak dijual mesti jelas dan terang. Yg tak jual takpe hahaha!


Ummi365 said...

i have always have a tough time snapping photos of my bag. I normally snap them between 12 - 4 pm... other than that my photos sucks big time. nak kena belajar ni.. errr ada kelas tak heheeh.. haven't seen the video, hope it will do some good.

melorr said...

in my case plak.. melor selalu shoot mlm. pakai lampu kat ceiling dlm bilik keje tu je. pastu make sure tak membelakangkan lampu other than that, from the video ade ajar how to control white balance camera kita untuk dptkan gambar yg lebih jelas cuma jgn ejas tinggi sgt kalo tak nanti over exposed plak. kalau beg2 akak tu melor rasa outdoor cantik! most overseas seller yg melor tgk diorg shoot outdoor mase cuaca cerah. mmg lawa!

m|sa said...

kalau outdoor, sure kaler lg nampak vibrant.. cun giler!

melur.. thanks for the tips.. skarang ku pakai photographer x bertauliah.. nak tunggu buat white-room/lite box tatau bila.. yg pasti kalau sendiri shoot mmg lari arr kaler.. burn abes gambar..

berangan gak nak photo-shoot gambo tudung outdoor.. tp satu hal nak tukar2 tudung + kejar anak dara sorang tu.. haha..

p/s : nanti la cari poster cun2 buat background.. ada gak tgk orang letak lapik kain bulu2 (mcm teddy bear skin) comei gak..

mangosteenskin said...

hi melorr...nice post.

me too...most of my pics are taken at night. But eventhough am using the white balance setting, I think products still looks much much better taken with natural light. seldom use raw photos actually, eventhough I don't have photo editing software, I always use microsoft photo manager to adjust midtones and contrast before I publish the photos. cropping is also another important technique to master. for small craft, use macro setting or manual focus. just my two cents.

thanks for sharing about the lite box...before this I always use big white paper as background and as reflector, but i need to tidy up everytime I finish my job. coincidently, just bought new desk lamp...am sure gonna try making a lite box after this...thanks.

melorr said...


yup cropping, adjusting the contrast and brightness will help to get a good picture too :D! You can try Picasa 3, it's a freeware. Picasa have basic yet useful photo editor feature like crop, adjust brightness, sharpen the images, eliminate red-eye, auto collage images. etc. it also help you manage web album :D.