Friday, January 23, 2009


It's hectic week! Hurhh!
But today is a lovely-weekday-Friday, just nice to be followed with 4 days holiday yeay! So what else I do best? Wasting time over the net hahah!

Last Saturday we had a playdate at my apartment. Farah come with her cute girl - Farissa and Fai with the cute hero - Anas. Here're some pictures and video on that day! Enjoy!

Colour Makes Me Happy! by

Host yang lokek...
I'm quit confuse why she act like that on that particular day. She used to share her toys with other kids ecspecially when my customer come to our house with their kids.

The caring and motherly princess - Farissa.
Sorry yer aunty sakat. Geram with your fair skin & chubby-ness!

Ball fanatic hero - Anas
He loves ball so much! Saya nk main ball je, yg lain tu saya tak heran sangat ahah!

Lepas penat main, perut pon da kenyang makan speghetti semua pengsan!

Sleeping cutey mama!

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