Friday, March 06, 2009

Last Month

Hallu walluuuuu people!!! Sebulan tak berentry. Byk yang berlaku sebulan lepas. Dari opis hinggalah ke rumah.

First thing first, kunci casa impianku dah dapat horey ehehe! Skang kitaorg tgh sibuk pilih design dapur. 2 minggu lepas En. Khairi, tokey grill Wazurai kat Sg. Merab tu dah datang ukurkan tingkap, pintu untuk buat grill. Cuma kitaorg je belom berkesempatan nak pi finalize design grill. Mase ukur mengukur ari tu kitaorg minat ngn design grill jalur² simple or design bunga padi. Lepas dh byk kali tgk design bunga padi ngn yang type jalur² tu... rasanya we'll choose yg jalur² tu kot. Nanti kalo dh siap grill nyer I'll put pic. here.

Another good thing happen in Feb was, I attended 3 days training about 7 Habits of Highly Affective People. Fully sponsored by the company and it was conducted by FranklinCovey Malaysia. It's was the most tremendous 3 days in my life so far heheh! I almost miss that training at first due to tons of workloads waiting on my table, but as what my hubby said in the morning of the first day training, " kerje tu sampai mati pon tak abis yang... but this training ade lagi ker next time?...and it's free somemore". Without doubt I masuk office, left all the pending work and join my dear friend Farah pi training tu. Lots of things that i learned from those 3 days. All things we discussed are common sense but like the trainer said... " When common sense is not a common practice, it's no longer a common thing". So mmg terkene atas batang hidung lah. Kalau nk cerita apa yg di kami discussed mmg pjg lebar ler entry nih. It cost RM2k plus per person for this training. I got the 7 Habits Work Book (Manual, 1 DVD, I Audio CD) and a huge Franklin Covey Organizer. Memang berbaloi! I take the risk left my work semata utk attend that training. Maybe some day I'll share more about those 7 Habits. Kat sini i just list a bit ok! For more boleh lah google :P.

  1. Habit 1 - Be Proactive: The habit of choice. I'm what I choose to be.
  2. Habit 2 - Begin With the End of Mind: The habit of vision. I live my life by my own road map, not by default...stop live your life on auto-pilot mode people wake up!
  3. Habit 3 - Put First Thing First: The habit of integrity and execution. Know your priorities.
  4. Habit 4 - Think Win-Win: The Habit of mutual benefit. I win, you win..let's have a drink!
  5. Habit 5 - Seek First To Understand Then To Be Understood: The habit of mutual understanding. Nak orang lain paham kita..kenalah kita faham orang lain dulu.
  6. Habit 6 - Synergize: The habit of creative cooperation. 1 + 1 = 3 or more... 1 brain, 1 idea.. 2 brain can produce thousands!
  7. Habit 7 - Sharpen the Saw: The habit of renewal. In order to keep producing golden eggs you have to nurture the golden goose. You're the golden goose. Jaga kesihatan, upgrade your skill, learning new things, don't repeat your past mistakes etc. Else you will end up producing telur tembelang eheh!
Ok chow people. Will add more at home. Mlm ni nak bayar hutang tag Kak Aida and Elma. Heheh! Some pics too!.

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