Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Strawberry Shortcake Fever

I'm in the midst on planning Yasmin 3rd bithday party. She'll be sharp 3 next 14th Oct. Lately she's so into Strawberry Shortcake. No more Barney...Backyardigans... Little Einstein. Of course her party will be Strawberry Shortcake (SS) theme.

Ideas...ideas..ideas..found these with the assistance of Mr. Google.

She's so crazy about SS because:
  • She made me buy her a set of SS shower gel, shampoo, cologne, hand wash and body lotion that has SS on the bottles.
  • She almost make me buy a cushion pillow that has SS on it but I didn't.
  • She has more than 8 of SS coloring books.
  • She stick more than 10 SS stickers underneath my recliner that I already don't bother to take it off.
  • She has almost SS VCD collection. Even my hubby knew which one we already bought because she made us watched them again and again and again.
  • She remember dialogs in the videos.
  • And yes.... she's Strawberry Shortcake and I always got to be the Orange Blossom or Blueberry Muffin.
  • She has that "parkinson" (that's what my girls during study call when u see something u like and u really want to buy it feeling) reaction when she saw anything with SS or strawberry.
Since I'm the planner, more or less I caught by the fever too. I have SS as my desktop wallpaper right now ahahha!


a kl citizen said...


pink segalanya with SS everywhere ya, adoi peningla pulak

lily lotus said...

yang penting pink! hihihi...