Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mountain Midwifery Center(MMC)

es..last Sunday we went for an orientation at MMC and today I had my 2nd appointment with them. So there's some pictures of the center. Owh pada yg tak tahu I planned not to have my baby in the hospital. This time I would like to take chance to deliver my baby naturally ..mean no drugs involve and have a new experience of water birth insyaAllah.

MMC ade 5 bidan berlesen and don't be surprise that pusat bersalin nih nothing like hospital at all, that's one of the reason I choose them. Other reasons will share in my future entry.

 MMC ade 2 entrance this one take you straight to the labour room :)

This is their main office, downstairs. Kalau dtg dari entrance depan jumpa main office dulu. All classes, appointment happen here. Ok that's me, see the shirt I'm wearing? That's a prove that I haven't gone for closet shopping yet. Asyik sibuk pi Target, beli makanan jer hahaha! No kidding ok. Bonus dah masuk kan? Ok nanti pi shopping baju plak hahah!

Yasmin sibuk tunjuk die pon ade baby jugak. 

That's Yasmin with Shahmi (our neighbours son) do what kids do best! Main! See those bookshelf ? You can borrow those books buat rete barang sebulan pastu pulang la balik. Mostly books that they recommended to expectant mom to read. It is all about knowledge.Tak kenal maka tak cinta.
Papa layan free green tea..this place is so cosy rase mcm pi rumah orang tapi buat mcm rumah sendiri ahahah!

All sorts of tea, leaves...mostly natural, I bought a jar of raspberry leaf (rendam mcm buat air teh) $9.99 you can see the benefit at this link. 

This their labour room area upstairs.

Hemm..nak check in skrang bole?

I try baring atas katil tu ok ..mmg best...heheh nothing like hospital at all. 

The moment of truth.. that's the tub yg. banyak berjasa pada mak-mak yg. bersalin kat sini. That's where water birth happen.

Sure syok berendam dalam tub mase contraction ala2 nk patah pinggang. Mom will push the baby while she's inside the tub. Tak caya? See here and here. I met Tracy the owner, Sarah the midwife in video 2 (2nd link) she attend my first appointment and women in labour in link 2 is also a midwife at MMC, saw her today but didn't had chance to say hi yet :). So..yes they are real people like us. Another story, during my visit today I met a lady who just give birth to her baby girl last 2 days, they come for checkup and she's looking very good! Pakai jeans, shades on the head smile and walking healthly like she was not in a labour the past 48 hours. More pictures I uploaded at my facebook - Melor Rahman.


fathinz md nor said...

wahh, great! baru jer kite sebut2 harituh kan.. i always wanted a water birth tanya around kat msia mmg takde lagik.. goodluck dear..

Melor Rahman said...

kak fatin,

Kat Malaysia skang dh ade. Ade 2 hospital offer - Hospital Pantai Bangsar dengan Island Hospital, Penang.

Even now dh ade support group kat Malaysia.

Boleh lah cuba utk 3rd baby esok heheh!

lily lotus said...

weewitt! mcm scary jer..hiks..apepun semoga semuanya dipermudahkan

Yulie Elveera said...

first time singgah + terpikat. i link u to mine ye?
classicnya hospital ni. sgt sukaaaa

Melor Rahman said...

classic ala2 country home hehe. thanks fro dropping by yulie!

Kazaztan Team said...

seronoknya water birth...& best nye tmpt bersalin tak mcam hospital...good luck..bila duenya...

Melor Rahman said...

thanks for the wishes!

Jehan Najib said...

hi melor.. ko dh baper bulan ni?

Melor Rahman said...


Skang dah 31 weeks. Wah aku baru bukak blog ko. Ko dah 38 yer..tak lame dh tu jehan :D. Excited lak aku, mase mimin dulu 39w dh meletop hehe!