Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ok...i'm back to Blogger after 3 years.

Salam everyone!

I've been away from Blogger for so long since i had my hosting last 3 years. I used WP installed for my blog with my domain However this coming November, will have a total face lift to serve our customer better. I'm going to launch our e-commerce site on Nov 11 on conjunction to my birthday heheh!

So back to Blogger, i'll be posting on latest arrivals items i have in my inventory and a little tit bits of my life, my family. So... welcome aboard! Choos! choos!

Below is pictures of items in my inventory at home.. i managed to turn one of room in our apartment into so called "my-working-studio-inventory-room". To view more details on our kidswear collection and our hot selling product - Hotmama Pouch, you can visit my forum store at WMC or


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fadh said...

twiiittttttttttt... yeaa... 1st person yang drop comment!

happy blogging! keep update ur news okayyyy