Friday, October 31, 2008

People behind the MG

The MG's

So guys this is the three people behind (MG). From left, 1st Mr. Iszad - MG Offical Account cum Financial Advisor. He's the responsible to make sure MG account is balance at the end of the month, the one who digging all the receipts, POs, Invoices that i usually just simply keep in one drawer hehehe. 2nd is Ms. Yasmin Alia - MG official model for kids apparels, the one who make sure she'll get to keep some of adorable kids collection that MG has in the inventory, also the one who drive me crazy everytime I start to work on MG stuff if she's not sleeping. Last but not least, it's me Melor, the one that own Moleygarden Enterprise, MG official bos cum photographer cum store keeper cum despatch cum sewer cum everything under the sun to make sure your order reach your door step on time! So that's it. Only us... only 3.
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Nadra Farissa said...

Cute PHOTO! Jeles MucH! haha..