Sunday, November 02, 2008

MG Online Store succesfully installed!

Yes it is! Finally Moleygarden Online Store was succesfully installed. Everything is done by the Metsuku Studio, arigato gozaimas Azhar san!
Actual completion date was 1 Nov 2008 12am and fyi, at that time i and another two MGs struggling heading to Penang in our little fish. Iszad had to take his TOEFL exam at Penang centre since both TOEFL centre in KL is full still Dec. 08. We arrived at Dorsett around 3.15am. I managed to go online after 15 min check in with the price of RM15/hours. Till today i still wonder why hotel charge the service so high, overated! However since i can't wait to see my MG website... tutup mata and pay sajalah. not forgot to mention i went online just 10 min, I saw my homepage then Yasmin kacau mcm biasa, have to go to bed with her ler. Burn la another 50mins tu. Once again..tutup mata and i can sleep soundly with peace of mind because my online shop is ready to work!!!

Owh.. before i forgot, below is short announcement and 1st promotion from our online store!

Dear our value customer,

Moleygarden will be under maintainance from 1-10 November 2008.
Our operation will temporarily shut down to give us some space to do a total face lift to this website.
This is one of our initiative to serve our customer better.
Our e-commerce site will be launch on 11 November 2008
You may start to register to our website and place your order on 11 November 2008
We have great offer to give! Bookmark us today!
  • First 11 person who register with us will get 11% discount on all items + Free shipping
  • First 111 person who register with us will get 11% discount on all items
*Apply to 1st purchase ONLY.
We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

Best Regards,
Melor Rahman
The Founder of

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