Monday, November 10, 2008

Min's Tinker Bell Fairy Birthday Party aka my childhood dream lol!

Yesterday we had Min's belated birthday party at Mc. Donald Equine Park. We are very sorry min lambat sampai ke tempat kejadian sbb die baru bgn tido.. so nk pujuk die pakai baju Tinker Bell bersayap tu kene amik mase gk ahha!

Dalam kekalutan menyiapkan si kecik tu, boleh terlupa bawak camera sendiri. Kalau tak boleh la amik 2-3 snap utk tatapan sendiri sementara menunggu pics from Boss aka Hafiz from Wowphoto. Hafiz is one of our good friend who now working full time as photographer.

Thanks a lot :-
  • To our sporting guests who came in pink or green to support theme!
  • Kepada yg. korban kelas heheh! Kehadiranmu bermakna bagiku, hahahah!
  • For all the gifts from aunts and uncles. Sure min's will knock herself out to play with those toys & books.
  • To Mama (MIL) for the colourful Kek Lapis Sarawak. Those yang nak tempah boleh contact i yer heheh!
  • To Kak Ena from PopCake@MamaEna for your touch on the cute-lovely cupcakes.
  • To the ultimate golden hand of the year, Kak Jun from the Cupcakekasih for your creative & gifted touch on the 4kg georgous fairy princess cake. It really makes my jaw drops on the floor.
  • To Farah for the cutter... you're my rescuer of the day!
  • To Abg. Long for the pictures above! The only colleague who bring his cam on that day.
  • Last but not least to my dear hubby who helps a lot in all areas! Who wears whatever i ask him to wear... he wear pink on that day hahaah! If i manage to get Peter Pan costume I wonder will he wear that? Hahah! Love you dear!
*I'll update the picture from Boss once i got it from him! I can't wait to see those pics!


21 Closet said...

dah macam anak patung ko pakai kan min nih .... comelllsss...ahahaha

ajumedia said...

halla.. comelnyerr..
happy besday min.. dr aunty jujus.. eheh