Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I attended PMP (Project Management Professional) training on last 17-18 Nov with few of office colleagues and my bos. I'm not going to talk more on the PMP but what i'm about to do is to apply few things i learned last two days ahaha! As define by the a short sentence..
"Project must have start and end and must produce a unique outcome"
Therefore, I plan to create a year end self-reward project. Hehehe! I want to PIMP my new N82 looks! Btw, my old Nokia 5610 gone kaput last week (sad story better not to tell). Since N82 kinda have that masculine look, I'm thinking to bling the phone with Swarovski stones. I've seen lots of samples on few website and i cant wait to do make over for my N82. So this project gonna be my "project-of-the-year!".

If you're interested to do the same thing, you can buy Swarovski from few forumer at Loywat.Net like Artsy, LittleDiana just to name a few seller. I'm not yet buy from them but plan to buy, once i finalized my design and budget how many stones i need to cover my phone. Here's some samples over thousands pictures that i found.

*I know i kinda sounds crazy about this thing but i can't help it!

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elma said...

bile nak siap project of the year ni!cant wait to see it. lalalal~