Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2009 and 2010

It's been a while since I actively updating all my craft stuff here. I recently fin a crocheted hair clip and a felt french clip for one of my customer, El. Hope both looks great on her 3m baby this Christmas. Well, another 8 days to 2010.

I would like to thanks to all customers who had ordered and waiting for their orders to be completed by me this weekend hehehe! 2009 has been a bless for me and 2010 will be more merrier i hope! Lots of things waiting for me next year. Things like leaving my office job, leaving all my beloved friends that I love a lot... leaving the routine that I've been used to for few years back. Owh I hate when my entry sounds melancholy. Ok it's time to be happie! happie! happie! Ok i'll be straight forward here's the good news! Non are bad news ok!
  1. Recently i found myself 6 weeks pregnant - Wohooo!!! Horray to the new little peanut in me!
  2. I'll be moving to Denver next year, it's time to be pregnant as a WAHM and have a long maternity leave hahaha! InsyaAllah I'll be going around April. Why I'm moving? My hubby further his master at Denver University...don't worry it's not that long... just 15 months :D - Weheeeee! Lots of expected and unexpected things waiting there... Semoga Allah permudahkan segalanya...Aminn.
  3. I'll do a clearance sale of all my items in Moleygarden. Lots of other stuff that's not yet uploaded - All things must go ladies! Once start I'll announce here and send email to all my customers.
  4. I'm planning to offer a personal shopper services to anyone who would love to buy things from US! Designer Fabrics? Patterns? Craft stuff? Apparels? Perfume? Bags? Make up? - See how the situation goes once I land my feet there lah kan? Hehehe!

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