Thursday, December 24, 2009

Printable Polka dots Party Hat!

I would like to share how I made a simple printable party hat for Yasmin's 3rd birthday party few months back. I saw lots of printable party hat idea in Etsy which I adore so much that makes me give a try to DIY. Here's the free templates that I use for my polka dots party hat. You may click on the template below to download the jpeg file. You can buy stretchy thread at your craft store and 100g paper work very fine for this project!

Step by step:
  1. Make sure your printer is pre-set to A4 paper size ok!
  2. Simply cut the shape of the party hat!
  3. Make single line cut on the dash line provided.
  4. Fold the it to make a cone shape.
  5. Slip the small extra edge in the single line cut you made earlier and glue it!
  6. Glue the circle birthday tag in front of the hat or other decoration u like!
  7. Attach a stretchy thread so that the party hat will sit properly on kids head!
  8. Happy party!
The A4 size template!

Anaz wearing the polka dots party hat @ Yasmin Shortcake Birthday Party last Nov.

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