Saturday, April 03, 2010

Oh maiiii! Sneak peak to Farissa's Party Preparation

We have a big project for Farah's daughter, Farissa. She'll be 3Y next 2 weeks. Tentatively the party bash will be held at Mc. D. When Farah inform me that the party theme is safari aka animals aka petting zoo kinda thing, I suggested to Farah why don't we create pretend animals ears as a replacement for party hat! Biasalah sebok nak celup kaki skali heheh! Since I'll be leaving soon, I feel that this project would be perfect to end my crafty story entry from Malaysia for 2010 and to used up whatever i have left in my craft drawer.

Today my dear frenzy colleagues came to my house. We start our morning with home cook Nasi Lemak made by me of course hehe! Isi perut dulu baru boleh start keje kan? Makan jgn tak makan...lebih sambal, tambah nasi... lebih nasi, tambah sambal..lebih telur, add both! Hahaha! Thanks to Farah for teh tarik tapau yang sedap, K.Keh for the kuih-muih and Ana utk Popia Sata yang tak sempat digoreng. (I will fry on Monday n bwk pi opis ok! Heeheh!)

Lebihan felt dari drawer...

R & D process started...all diy by us!

yabbit ears said fayissa heheh!

A little bit interfacing to do the magic..

Tadaaaaa! All of it!

All of us too busy to snap the-making-of pics because we have to consistently make sure tade pieces yang hilang disonglap oleh pirate2 yg. nakal. More pics. at my facebook! Can't wait to see the kids wear these ears soon! Enjoy!

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