Sunday, May 08, 2011

All in one pot update - Gumboo soup! See me new raves! Juki F600

I broke my promise ya..ya..i know. Throw me stones! I recently finish sewing a 21 pcs cloth diapers for a group of mommies at Malaysia Cloth Diaper Parents at Facebook. They are all nice ladies who heart handmade. As i was completing their orders, I managed to take few shots of process cutting a 10y of bamboo fleece to make the soaker aka insert for the diapers. With the help of my all time favourite tool aka tool-that-i-can't live-without hahah! My OLFA rotaty cutter!

 I have 36" OLFA cutting mat on my cut table and 18" OMNI EDGE ruler plus my 45mm rotary cutter and I'm good to go! 10 yards Bambo fleece here I come!

 This is what happen after 15 minutes cutting. Didn't believe me? Well ..believe it. I rotary can cut up to 4 layers of bambo fleece in one shot! Imagine if I use scissor? How long will it take to finish it and not to mention strain on your fingers. Shown is stacked of cut from 5 yards of bamboo fleece ready to serge!

 Serge and ready to go! 

I've a love and hate relationship with my serger..not matter how much i hate using it..i love it haha. My tips to get smooth shape of serge insert..cut the fabrics in rectangle shape, just big enough to fit your soaker pattern. Trace your soaker pattern on the top layer of fabric. When you serge...follow the lines that u traced earlier..and go slow when you reach the corner. InsyaAllah your soaker will turn out nicely. There will always a learning curve when working with serger.I'm a newbie too. 

21 cds ready to fly to M'sia!
 More picture of these project can be seen here.

 I also made few embroidery diapers. They are fun to work on! 


Nadra Farissa said...

my GOD.. ur love for sewing machines are just like my love for new furniture!! hik hik

Melor Rahman said...

owh this is nothing farah. later i reveal my fabric stash..n tell me how many is too many hahaha!

Chow Mabel said...

Hi just found ur blog while i was googling for sewing n fabrics supplies.
By the way, do u know where can i get sewing material very cheap... In kl/ selangor?
Tq. Very much !